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Journal: Karma be darned 2

Journal by Grrr


Moderation seems to be much less reliable than before - and /. karma remains puzzling. Being considered 'Excellent' doesn't mean one is trusted to moderate. (Whether or not my own moderation was valuable is not the immediate point. It seems to me that someone whose value to the community is downgraded should be informed of that by a change of adjective, and not being allowed to moderate implies that one's metamoderation is not to be valued either...)

Anyway, I'm going to continue declining the karma bonus when I postanymore. Qué sera.

In the unlikely event you want to see more interesting writing from me, try or .

<grrr />

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Journal: Grousing, briefly

Journal by Grrr

Stay away for months, and does it lower my karma back to Good? Noooooo.

Dang it - I wanna moderate occasionally...



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