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How the Internet Didn't Fail As Predicted 259

Posted by samzenpus
from the series-of-popular-tubes dept.
Lord Byron Eee PC writes "Newsweek is carrying a navel-gazing piece on how wrong they were when in 1995 they published a story about how the Internet would fail. The original article states, 'Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, predicts that we'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Intenet. Uh, sure.' The article continues to say that online shopping will never happen, that airline tickets won't be purchased over the web, and that newspapers have nothing to fear. It's an interesting look back at a time when the Internet was still a novelty and not yet a necessity."

+ - Bing Adds Street View, Apps, and More->

Submitted by mikemuch
mikemuch (870535) writes "Thought it's still far behind Google in overall search volume, you have to give poor little Microsoft credit for continuing to add capabilities to its search engine. Today's release adds street view--called Streetside--that takes advantage of Microsoft's photo-stitching PhotoSynth technology. Not only is Microsoft itself using Photosynth, but users can also upload their Photosynths so that anyone on the web can, say, duck inside a house for sale, or into the Met to check out a Rembrandt. Beyond street view, Bing now also gets apps that third-party developers can add for map overlays that do things like showing where Twitter tweets were tweeted, webcams, news stories, and even grafitti tags.You can try the new features out for yourself at You can also read more about the announcements or view a slideshow of Bing Streetside and Apps at PCMag."
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+ - Cameroon the new Hong Kong of malware?->

Submitted by garg0yle
garg0yle (208225) writes "According to McAfee, more than a third of Cameroon domains (TLD of .cm) is infested with viruses or other not-so-fun party treats. Given that it's very easy to mis-type .com as .cm, this puts the computers of a lot of fat-fingered typists in peril. Second place on the most-infested domains list goes to China (.cn), while Hong Kong (last year's "winner") is now comfortably middle-of-the-pack."
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Media (Apple)

Why Won't Apple Sell Your iTunes LPs? 306

Posted by timothy
from the can-anyone-think-of-a-reason? dept.
jfruhlinger writes "Over the weekend there's been a bit of controversy over the fact that Apple has effectively shut indie artists out of the iTunes LP market by charging $10,000 in design fees. But the real question is why Apple is in charge of designing the new iTunes LP at all, since the format is based on open Web design technologies. There's at least one iTunes LP already available outside the iTunes store. Why won't Apple sell it?"
PlayStation (Games)

Why Is It So Difficult To Allow Cross-Platform Play? 389

Posted by Soulskill
from the all-about-the-benjamins dept.
cookiej writes "I just got the most recent version of the Madden franchise ('10) for the PS3. Can somebody explain to me why EA has separate networks for the different platforms, only allowing players to compete with people using the same console? Back in the day, there were large discrepancies between the consoles, but these days it seems like the Xbox and the PS3 are at least near the same level. After so many releases for this franchise, they've got to have a fairly standardized protocol for networking; it seems arbitrary not to let them compete. Or am I just missing something obvious? Is it just a matter of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network not working together?"

+ - Google caught editing PageRank results

Submitted by Green Monkey
Green Monkey (152750) writes "Google has been caught manually editing the PageRank of certain pages to 0, causing them to vanish from Google search results. For example, what was last week Google's #2 result on the Megan Meyer affair has now vanished completely from search results. It's obvious that this is due to direct interference from Google — these are Wiki-based articles where the main article has vanished and yet the Talk page still appears in the results. More details at Digg story, as well."

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