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Comment Re:Overturn States' Rights? (Score 2) 136

So, when will a California resident be able to purchase a non CARB compliant motor vehicle?

Hopefully, approximately the same time it becomes OK for me to crap on your lawn. Your encrypted messages to your wife don't harm me or the state. Your high-pollution vehicles make it harder for me to breathe.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 427

I disagree. If he came in and took over a low UID for the sake of appearances, I'd personally write off a lot of his messages as PR attempts. But to join in through the same route as everyone else to earn his rep by participating, not by owning a low UID*? I respect that.

* But don't underestimate the importance of that. They give you a Ferrari each year on your anniversary.

Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 2) 564

Also, the (possibly trained) driver isn't going to be the only person to ever sit behind the wheel. Valets, mechanics, and friends will all take turns driving over the years. Is Joe Driver going to remember that the pattern he's learned and committed to muscle memory over months of driving is unexpected, and to warn everyone he gives the keys to? This is bad UI, pure and simple.


Uborne Children's Books Release For Free Computer Books From the '80s ( 119

martiniturbide writes: To promote some new computer coding books for kids, Uborne Children's Books has put online 15 of its children books from the '80s to learn how to code games. The books are available for free in PDF format and has samples to create your game for Commodore 64, VIC 20, Apple, TRS 80, Spectrum and other. Maybe you read some of them like "Machine Code for Beginners" or "Write your own Adventure Program for MicroComputers." Should other publishers also start to make their '80s and '90s computer books available for free?

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1834

I strongly disagree.

One of the Slashdot culture's strengths is that posts are immutable - they cannot be edited or deleted. It nurtures this culture where people think a bit before hitting "Submit" (I know, I know, I must be new here). Also who gets to distinguish "obvious" troll posts? Downmodding to oblivion (-1) is the correct course of action.

The only exception to these immutable posts that I'm aware of was several years ago and involved the church of scientology.

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 1) 339

Facebook might not be the best example here as you are not the customer merely a part of the product. You have no contract with them, and they have absolutely no obligation to you. FB can cancel your account at any time for no reason and you would have no legal recourse.

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