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Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 382

steal Chrysler (the company that made Jeeps) from its shareholders

Haha, you capitalist ideologues make me laugh. What was the alternative? Apparently it was "too big to fail", but that was the only other option, which would have put hundreds of people out of work and closed the company for good. Where were the shareholders when the chips were down? Oh that's right, cashing in their shares before they tanked, thus ensuring they tanked.

As for Jeep being a Fiat, so what? Almost every car is made by someone else these days. BMW makes Rolls Royce and Mini, Land Rover is an Indian company, and so on. In fact, the US has owned most of the world's supposedly local brands through Ford and GM for most of the 20th century (and had no compunction in closing down many of them when things got tough, not giving a fuck for the workers of Saab, Vauxhall, Holden, etc). How does it feel now that the boot is on the other foot? Why is it like this? Because capitalism, that's why. If you don't like it, vote for a better system.

Comment Re:Fire the guy who designed this... (Score 1) 382

I agree it's pretty stupid, but the stupidity is in making the shifter look exactly like the traditional shifter. Some cars have had sequential shifters for some time now ("flappy paddles") and they stay in the same position whatever gear you're in, so that part of it isn't the problem. The problem is the placement and appearance of the control, which misleads the driver into thinking it works differently than it actually does.

Sequential gearboxes are a good thing in some situations - they're faster to shift than traditional manual or auto boxes (at the expense of making getting into reverse a nuisance), but that really only matters for performance cars. It's pointless putting it into a shitty rental box, but if you do, use flappy paddles, FFS.

Comment Obligatory Car Analogy (Score 1) 80

It be like: strip a car down to its bare chassis, removing all extraneous weight, seats, anything that's there for comfort or convenience, then keep cutting out more metal - panels, half the floor, roof. Bolt on a huge turbo and nitrous and watch it do a ¼ mile in 8 seconds. Great, but it ain't going to get you to the shops and back.

Comment Re:From the people who brought us 10 (Score 5, Informative) 159

Wrong. I don't know about Google, but I do know about Safari. When it's in private mode, all of the data that is normally saved to disk for any purpose is stored in encrypted memory, so within a private session, you get the benefit of caching, go forward/back, etc. But once you close the private window, all that encrypted memory is erased and released. Apps using the NSURLSession APIs can do exactly the same thing.

Comment Ugh! (Score 2) 276

Horrid car. If it hadn't been picked randomly to be the centrepiece of a cultish film, no-one would remember them now except possibly as the reason for an infamous downfall. And being part of a cultish film might be a good enough reason to want to own an original one as a conversation piece, but who in their right minds would want to own a new one, to be used as an actual car?

Comment IQ isn't the point (Score 1) 307

I've known two young men who were very heavy cannabis users. Both were incredibly intelligent - among the smartest guys I ever met. However, both became manic depressive and that only got worse over time. Eventually both of them (who didn't know each other) committed suicide. Hard to unravel cause and effect, and only two data points but it's made me very wary of heavy pot use. The occasional smoke, not a worry, but habitual use is a killer, I believe.

Comment The only thing to fear... (Score 5, Insightful) 112 fear itself. Seems these wise words have been largely forgotten. As a nation, the USA is the most lily-livered scaredy cats out there. I'm not talking about individuals, just the national characteristic. Why else spend such vast sums on a military that has more or less nothing to do? (and for which idle hands the devil makes plenty of work, starting wars it can't finish and general meddling). Why else are guns so fetishised? Why else is so much effort being put into monitoring everyone's trivial business? Why else are fingers pointed at harmless scapegoats like ordinary muslims? My country, right or wrong? Think about it.

Comment No email? Silly man. (Score 1) 540

Why didn't they email me to check I knew these payments were being made? I got nothing from them

Your own fault. If you set up a family group with your children, you'll get a request to authorise any purchase your kids attempt to make. Works fine, reasonably easy to set up. Stop blaming others for your own incompetence.

Comment Switzerland (Score 1) 401

Switzerland is a tiny country that isn't part of the EU. So it can do what it likes, and the rest of us can totally ignore it.

I doubt if Apple or anyone else is likely to care about this. Even if it became a worldwide standard, a USBLightning charging cable is no problem, and I don't think the cable itself has any DRM - I can buy a generic branded one in my local tech store for a few bucks.

Comment Re:Not Sure (Score 1) 462

Right, because bad user interface design is my fault, not the designers'. They can do no wrong; I just need to fix my eyesight (not sure what sort of glasses help with contrast enhancement?). In any case I was not saying I could not tell they they *were* buttons, but that you cannot tell very easily when they are enabled vs. when they are disabled.

Have a look at buttons that only have icons some time - if they have text the contrast is more obvious, but icon-only buttons are barely distinct in the two states. The segmented control is especially bad, but pop-up buttons are poor as well.

Comment A better PC (Score 1) 375

I went through a similar analysis recently. I had no particular loyalty or bias to any one platform, though I began to lean towards the XBox because of Forza 6, which is the type of game that most interested me. After looking at capabilities, I settled on building a PC for about $1000. That's a lot more money than either console, but you get way more power and an upgrade path that will likely keep up for the next five or more years. The ability of the games on the PC is just better than either console, and I can swap in a better GPU at any time to keep it up there.

Project Cars, DiRT Rally and Assetto Corsa tick the boxes regarding my interest in Forza 6, so not having that on the PC was taken out of the equation.

It does mean running Windows, which as a Mac guy for day to day work is a bit hard to get used to - so many things suck it's a joke, but as a game-launching platform it's adequate. Once in the game, the OS is irrelevant. Steam is fine as a storefront and launcher as well. There might come a time when having Linux as the launcher is also workable, but right now it lags behind in terms of graphics support (e.g. many games require DirectX11) so Windows is a necessary evil.

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