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Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 3, Insightful) 185 185

People really think like this? Really? I'm sorry for you. Somehow, you've been brought up to be a sociopathic moron.

Life is better when people cooperate and look out for each other. That's what has made the human race so successful as a species. If that's not your experience, again, I'm sorry for you. However, if you expect people to look out and care about you, then you have to look out and care for them, at least just a little. And in the modern world that means that you pay taxes.

You might feel that your taxes are not well spent, or that they only end up in the pockets of the corrupt, or the already well-off. That's obviously bad, but it's not the fault of taxes in themselves. Maybe you should stop voting for idiots and corrupt politicians, and do something to ensure that your taxes are used equitably.

But if you disagree with the whole premise, then that just means you're as greedy and selfish as they are.

Comment: Re:iOS users feel it (Score 1) 310 310

Well, you could build an app with the same interface, features, etc. Sure it's more work, but that's where the money is. At some point presumably you have to put food on your table and a roof over your head, and ideology doesn't pay the bills. I don't like the idea of selling out any more than you probably do as a matter of principle, but my wife and kids need feeding and clothing.

Comment: Turn it on them (Score 1) 161 161

Surely it wouldn't be beyond the collective wit of the internet to set up a parallel surveillance system targeting judges, politicians and others involved in dismantling these freedoms. After a couple of months of having their every private movement made public I suspect they'd change their outlook.

Comment: The brain's other great invention... (Score 1) 637 637

The reason is the brain's other great invention, the tokenisation of value, aka "money". That trumps everything when it comes down to it. That's why people always vote in tax-cutting moronic governments rather than one that acts for the greater good.

Comment: Re:Can someone translate "1.4x faster?" (Score 1) 415 415

Jeez how to overcomplicate and overthink a simple thing. However they worded it, it's no way 2.4x faster than Yosemite - that's not possible on the same hardware. It's 40% faster than, or 1.4x faster.

And what exactly is faster? They don't say, but perhaps that's a mix of typical operations (launching, drawing speed, searching and sorting, etc), or perhaps they're just cherry picking a few routines that they've managed to optimise that are low level but will benefit most apps equally (but which won't translate into a 40% speed up to the user in most cases).

Comment: Re:Heptatonic (Score 1) 111 111

That's because music doesn't usually use a 12 tone scale, it uses a heptatonic or pentatonic scale, and Western musical notation is pretty good at representing that.

A single piece may not, but taken as a whole body of work, dodecatonic scales are the norm in most music today. So rather than have to say "this 5-stave notation represents the key of E-flat in this particular case", a 6-stave representation would be key-agnostic. Not all note positions would be needed in a given piece, but all instruments could play the same piece in the same key from the same notation. The notation would be clearer due to the lower degree of visual "compression" and the lack of need to notate exceptions to sharps, flats and naturals indicated by the key. Makes total sense. But it will never happen, because reactionaries would object, as you did.

Comment: Already has (Score 5, Interesting) 158 158

The "sound" of a badly encoded MP3 is already influencing the way people sing - it's almost as if they think those artefacts and unwanted harmonics are something that makes a voice a good singing voice, because that's what they hear when someone holds a long or high note. Bloody hateful.

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