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Comment Re:End of Google+ (Score 1) 154 154

Knowing Google, they will usually abort failed projects. They tried really hard with Google+ but it has failed almost as bad as windows phone so it's about time to abandon it.

Worldwide, Google+ is far from a failure. In fact, it has more users than Twitter.
I think a lot of Slashdot readers' comments are biased by an amerocentric point of view.

Comment The problem is ... (Score 1) 270 270

That many nations are already working towards this. It is far far cheaper to build automated weapons than to turn humans into effective fighting machines. In addition, small nations will see this as opportunity to compete against west, china, or Russia. Heck, Syria used chem weapons on their citizens and then they and russia cut a deal with the west to remove all chem weapons. However, once ISIS took over several locations, Syria admitted that they and Russia were lying and ISIS now has chem weaps.

Comment Re: like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 1) 528 528

Think about what I wrote. Currently, unsubsidized solar is expensive to put in. So, the builder has a choice of lowering HVAC energy demands and installing less solar, OR simply installing a lot more panels. Builders will find it cheaper to install more insulation, use aerogel windows for places like basement, bathrooms, maybe bedrooms, etc. Likewise, they will switch over to using geo-thermal HVAC, esp if house is well insulated. In time, aerogel windows and geo-thermal HVAC will become so cheap that older homes will switch.

Comment like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 2) 528 528

We need to drop the subsidies and simply say that all buildings less than 6 stories are to have enough on-site AE to equal the energy used for the HVAC (and require AC as well). In addition, the local utility must buy any daily extra at the maximum price that it costs them to buy electricity from elsewhere.

If she gets that passed, then not only will it put a stop to energy growth, but it will pretty much encourage cheaper buildings, and storage mechanism.

Comment not buying it... (Score 1) 105 105

This project (Armstrong suit conservation) is a no-brainer for good PR. Some congressman, grant manager, or corporate donor should jump to sponsor this. Congress has been a mess the last few years, but no one at NASA, NSF, or on their donor list was willing to step up? They get $1.1 billion in federal set asides and grants and $200 million in big donations, but no one in those funding streams was interested in being linked to preserving Armstrong's space suit? Really?

My problem is the implication they're making that they can't do the project without crowdsourcing it. I just don't believe that at all, and I think it's terrible to mislead the public like this.

I would rather they had just said they were working on a multi million dollar display of artifacts for the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, that they wanted to give everyone a chance to contribute, and that this suit restoration kickstarter is how they've chosen to do that. I think they'd raise the same money, but it would be a much more honest engagement with the public. The Smithsonian isn't a startup or a struggling artist, they don't need urgency and hyperbole to get people's attention.

Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 286 286

If you don't have a reasonably fixed address, then no - you can't vote.

That only applies to the poor. Trump has (or used to have, no idea what he uses now) a hotel room as his "permanent" address. Many other politicians have had the same. And they were allowed to vote for themselves. It's only the poor and minorities that the system targets.

Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 466 466

My Miele combo washing machine from our apartment days just broke down.
Good thing we have 5 years off warranty mandated by law in Norway.
They tried to fix it twice, now they have to replace it and they are actually replacing it (on our request) with a separate washer and a dryer.

But 4 years is a far cry from the "20 years of operation" promised in the commercial.

That's quite disappointing for a Miele product. For what it's worth, none of my colleagues who have Miele appliances, had them break (yet).

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 4, Informative) 245 245

I am sad to see that my comment was modded "Funny" when I was in fact quite serious about my statement. There are such pieces of shit that are disruptive to society, like corrupt politicians and self-serving CEOs and bankers, and yet we most people somehow attribute to "whore" a worse meaning than the professions I mentioned above.

Comment Re:$805M budget (Score 1) 228 228

I did. You suggested UK, and I accepted that. My complaint about the UK was your lies that I was somehow personally vested in that system, as yet another of you ad hominem attacks.

I don't know why you bother to lie. I can look it up in the replies and see your lies. Plain as day.

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