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Comment Re:dry ink (Score 5, Informative) 223

Same problem here, same problem for my parents. I owned a HP colour inkjet printer years ago, cartridges always dried up and I ended up using over half the ink via "cleaning mode" just to make the damn thing work again when I wanted to print a page again after a few weeks. Even worse for my parents, they bought an inkjet printer, I helped set it up, it worked, a couple days later it already had missing lines in the printouts due to clogged-up print heads. Of course my father was pissed, "every time I just want to print out one or two pages, I have to clean the damn printer for five minutes before it works again!"

So I bought a €100 black and white laser printer for my parents, they are happy with it and the 3000 pages toner cartridge will last them forever. I myself had already switched to laser printers years earlier, I bought a colour one last year (previous model to this: ). Cost me €250, the toner lasts a long time, print quality is very good even for pictures (of course not suitable if you REALLY want to print out glossy photographs on high quality photo paper) and a third party set of toner (all colours) costs about €30.

Comment Re:Target practice? (Score 2) 49

shooting practice

At night? The only option real option here is to ignore them.

If the Royals are doing things that piss people off and thus live in fear of them, then perhaps they should stop doing those things.

I think it is not so much about "doing things that piss people off", but instead more about not wanting to find photographs/videos on the internet of themselves undressing before taking a shower/going to bed.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 281

Who wants to trash a valid working version of 7 or 8 rather than beta test a fresh install of Windows 10. This would be great if the free license was for those who install and beta test a fresh version of Windows 10 on a PC without having to upgrade an existing copy first.

Well, lucky you - because that is exactly how it is. You download the (free) technical preview build ISO, install it, and then later on it will be upgraded to a (free) fully licensed copy. Only requirement is that you have to sign up for a Microsoft account (just create some new email address for that).

Or, in easier words, the full version of Windows 10 is free for everybody who participates in the technical preview.

Comment Re:So that means it's free to everyone (Score 1) 281

Sorry, I work in a restrictive FCA and PCI compliant environment. (Think card processing/banking type environments).
I do have Windows 10 running in a secure sandbox, giving it internet access is a PITA, so many hoops.
It's already been decided, Windows 10 due to the sheer number of activities it wants to perform which are internet based is too insecure and bleeds too much data to the web to be allowed into our environment.

So you based your decision on whether Windows 10 is appropriate for your environment or sends too much information to the Internet on a technical preview which clearly states in the user agreement that it regularly sends usage information about everything back to Microsoft, because it is a technical preview and wants to collect usage data. Got it.

Comment awesome actor, he will be missed (Score 2) 96

What an actor, one of the great ones. Nobody could do the sophisticated villain like him. And what a voice! And he definitely led an interesting life - he was in the secret service, and I remember that one scene from the LotR "making of" videos in which Peter Jackson talked about how Christopher Lee explained to him what "someone getting stabbed in the back with a knife" really sounded like. And how Peter Jackson was not all that eager to find out how exactly Lee knew that.


Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528

Like with most things, it is a matter of taste and it also depends on what exactly you tried so far - if all you tried is the mass-produced stuff, it's of course not all that much better than the mass-produced stuff from the US (except maybe for sticking to the Reinheitsgebot). But here in Germany, we also have excellent small, local breweries (some of which even only offer their beer in the pub/restaurant at their brewery). German beer is not only Beck's, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, Warsteiner and so on. There's also stuff like :-)

Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1) 220

Take a bee colony and stick them in a deep freeze and see how many survive. In case anyone missed it, the U.S. and Europe experienced record cold this winter. How fucking stupid do you have to be to not put 2 and 2 together?

Europe had an exceptionally warm and mild winter this year.

This. Where I live in Germany, we had pretty much no snow at all the whole winter. "Winter" just did not show up for work this time.

Comment Funny and scary at the same time (Score 1) 148

Laughing so hard here right now, they really nailed this.

suckify - "I've been sucking for 15 years and I've never seen anything like Suckify. They're really something else."

screwable - Commit. Perform. Screw. "As a professional in the screwing industry, I tell all my new clients to start out with an account on Screwable."

Comment Re:SSDs (Score 1) 162

840 EVO by chance? There's a confirmed bug (with firmware update and reconditioning process) that will slow an 840 EVP to a crawl. I've personally seen it happen with several laptops recently upgraded. Once I applied the update, performance resumed back to original spec. And, these were full from anywhere from 60% to 80%; didn't matter much. Link below for update

Samsung SSD 840 EVO Performance Restoration Software

In fact, that fix does not really FIX the problem, it just refreshes the cells (by reading/writing all the data), but then performance slowly deteriorates again. Apparently, Samsung will make a "real" fix available later this month.

Comment Re:opposites attract... (Score 1) 105

Miele, the company building what's basically the best on the market of its kind (at a price, if you can afford it), cooperating with Microsoft, providing questionable quality "must have" monopoly-ware.

Can this end well?

That was my thought, too. This might put a dent into the reputation of Miele if these new (presumably higher end of the line) devices keep having software issues.

Also, Miele keep advertising the quality of their products by claiming a long lifecycle - e.g. the new Miele dishwasher my mother recently bought is advertised as "all parts designed for 20 years of use". I wonder how this will work with Microsoft software and Azure access built-in.

Comment Interesting point from the article (Score 1) 198

Interestingly, that power draw jumps to about 22 or 23 Watts for a few seconds every time the Kinect hears you say the word "Xbox," even if you don't follow it with "On."

So if you have a Xbox One in your living room, even TALKING about it will increase the power consumption of the console. Wonder what the annual cost is of children complaining "mommy I want to play Xbox now!" "why can't I play with the Xbox?" "Daddy, can I play with the Xbox?" "Waaaah Xbox! I do not want to go to bed!"

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