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Comment: No. (Score 1) 381

by Golden_Rider (#47439805) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

The smart watches, as they are being offered right now, do not interest me at all. They look ridiculous, the battery life is horrible and they are not good at being WATCHES.

A "smart watch" which would interest me would have some or all of these features:

- looks like a normal, elegant watch - i.e. leather or steel wristband (NO plastic!), round, not too heavy, elegant design (either like a standard chronograph or some "bauhaus"-y look). Basically nothing which screams "I am a geek".
- long battery life. By that, I mean AT LEAST a week, better a month or more.
- maybe health monitoring features (pulse, steps, ...)
- shows time without having to be "activated" (i.e. no having to touch the screen or hit a button to show something)
- best "display" option for battery life would be standard hour/minute dials plus a tiny little LCD screen for text (a line or two)
- possibility to link to a smartphone to show notifications (e-mail subject lines, sms), but nothing more, since tft/amoled screens plus touchscreen features plus voice recognition plus apps mean low battery life, so it's simply a no-no. Basically, I just want to have a look at the watch to see if it is worth taking out my smartphone to read the e-mail which just arrived or not. I do not want to actually read the e-mail or type a reply or make a phone call via the watch. Especially NOT make a phone call. Holding your watch up to your face and talking to it might look cool in some old James Bond movie, but in reality it is just stupid.

something which is kind of there, except for the little LCD display for notifications, is the Withings Activité:

Looks like a standard, expensive watch. Has health monitoring which can send data to an app on your smartphone. Has a battery life of A YEAR with a standard CR2025 battery, despite low energy bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone.

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by Golden_Rider (#47237257) Attached to: EU's Online Shoppers Get an Extended "Cooling Off Period"

That doesn't sound like something that happens a lot. Do you always make decisions based on extreme events?

It happens a lot here in Germany, people ordering e.g. clothing (several trousers, shirt, etc.) and only keeping the ones they like, sending the rest back again. It really is pretty common, people use the right to return merchandise bought online as a replacement for trying out various items at a shop. A big reason for that is that until yesterday, the SELLER had to pay postage for the returns, so there was no penalty for the buyer if he ordered more than he actually needed. Guess we will see soon if the new law (buyer has to pay for the return shipping) servers as a deterrent. For the same reason, it was also not unusual for people to order e.g. a digital camera, use it for a week (e.g. to take photos at a wedding/birthday/...) and then send it back for free. I remember reading reports about Amazon, Zalando (another big online shop in Germany) etc. "throwing out" customers because of a return rate which was too high. E.g. here is a thread (in German) in which customers discuss this, and their general opinion seems to be "I order x items and return half of them, that's normal because I want to try out":

Another thin - I always wondered why even items which usually are not returnable for hygienic reasons (e.g. underwear, towels, stuff like that) ARE returnable when bought online. There was a TV documentary a while ago on German TV in which online shops explained why the return rights hurt them a lot - online shops for electronics etc. can just restock the stuff, maybe at a reduced price if it already has been opened, but items like underwear etc. CANNOT be restocked, they (by law) have to be thrown away. So it really makes not much sense for an online shop to sell stuff like that if it is so easy for customers to return the items - the shop has to pay for postage AND loses the money for the items because they cannot be sold again.

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by Golden_Rider (#47153023) Attached to: Apple WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Unveils Yosemite

My spouses 4S is working just fine with 7.1. Since 8 is not going to have a greater overhead in it's basic operations, there's no reason not to make it available to any phone that can run the current IOS.

I do not understand your problem. The 4S WILL get iOS 8. Like the parent posters wrote, only the 4 (non-S) won't receive the update.

Comment: Re:The difference with the USA (Score 2) 80 that Germany is much closer to being a true and functioning democracy. I don't see how this would come through the Bundestag, the German parliament, without being at least watered down, viz. being quietly forced into starvation as soon as a left-leaning government comes into power.

Nope, it will be as usual.

"Diplomacy" is absolutely necessary (all governments know that the others are spying, too, which is important for secret behind-the-scenes deals, so nobody can just STOP spying just because the masses are against it). The spying will go on, while the politicians - in public - will claim to be against it. So when the next Snowden shows up and publishes proof that spying indeed DOES happen, the politicians can claim to not have known about it, some heads will roll, the politicians will promise that something like this will never happen again, while secretly handing over more money to fund BETTER spying.

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by Golden_Rider (#47062467) Attached to: Blizzard Sues <em>Starcraft II</em> Cheat Creators

If I want to play the game with cheats that's my fucking business.

It's not if you cheat in multiplayer games against other Blizzard customers and ruin their fun, because then it causes financial losses for Blizzard (if those other customers decide not to buy another Blizzard product because of their bad playing experience).

If you want to use cheats in single player games, that's perfectly fine (and you do not need to buy a cheat tool for that anyway, Blizzard thoughtfully already provides cheat codes for that).

Comment: Interesting, but ultimately pointless comparison (Score 2) 201

Yes, the videos made by the Galaxy Note show more details (in this particular comparison which only included sunny outside scenes). But what does that mean? That under optimal lighting situations the DSLR from 2012 which can only do 1080p video shows less detail than a smartphone from this year which can do 4K? I could have told you that before. He could have also used a GoPro Hero3+ Black, which can also do 4K and costs half as much as the Galaxy Note.

Film makers use DSLR to make movies because of the lenses and the low light performance of the sensors, which are far better than what you will ever find on a smartphone - it is simple physics, nobody would want to carry around a smartphone which weighs 2kg or more to get the same optical performance / depth of field which the DSLR lenses allow. Yes, the DSLR makers are a bit behind when it comes to shooting video (as far as I know, Nikon is so far only considering making 4K video available and from Canon, only the obscenely expensive EOS-1DC can do 4K) - but that is because these cameras are primarily PHOTOGRAPHY devices and not video cameras.

If you'd switch the test around and made a comparison of photos shot with the DSLR and the Galaxy Note (and compared stuff like noise, distortion, sharpness in the corners of the picture, picture quality when using the built-in flash of the phone and a dedicated flash on the DSLR), you'll see that the DSLR is better at what it is designed to do than the smartphone and that there is a reason why it is more expensive.

So yes, under optimal lighting conditions, the 4K video mode of the Galaxy Note has a better resolution than the EOS 5D Mark III. It's just a bit of a pointless comparison, because it only compares one single aspect, like only comparing the acceleration of two vehicles and then declaring the faster one the better car, completely ignoring that some people might be interested in a different aspect, like ride quality, space, top speed or fuel consumption.

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by Golden_Rider (#46904197) Attached to: Why Microsoft Shouldn't Patch the XP Internet Explorer Flaw

yup.. and I *strongly* suspect there will be a "leakage" of these patches, probably into a downloadable disk image that those who stay with XP will be able to obtain fairly easily.. of course, mom+pop XP user, likely not so much.. but for those in the know, who, for whatever reason, hasn't dumped MS for something better (hint: Linux)... They'll be able to find these patches fairly easily. Of course, MS will slap any site down that carries these "unauthorized" patches, but then the game of
"Whack-A-Mole" comes to mind...

I'd be surprised if those patches won't be watermarked in some way so that it will be possible to figure out the source of the leak.

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by Golden_Rider (#46895737) Attached to: BMW Created the Most Efficient Electric Car In the US

the i3 comes with a internal combustion engine range extender, wonder what the efficiency drops to when that kicks in..

Care to show me the stats on the ICE range extender you speak of?

The range extender is an option. Maybe it is not offered in the US (although it is mentioned in reviews), but it is available in Germany:

It is a 2 cylinder engine which according to the BMW website increases the range to 300-340km total (about 200 miles).

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by Golden_Rider (#46791965) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I really find this hard to believe. I had an Atari 800XL: sure the metal shielding had some weight, but several pounds?

And once we moved to a warmer climate those they didn't last at all. Must have gone through four of 'em

Atari 800


Atari 800XL

Comment: Re:I Pay (Score 1) 328

1. I rent a post office box.
2. I pay Amazon to ship me products to that PO box
3. The USPO doesn't guarantee overnight delivery unless Amazon pays them the premium rate.

Not sure I see the issue.

The issue is that it is more like

1. I rent a post office box.
2. I pay Amazon to ship me products to that PO box
3. Amazon pays the USPO the usual, agreed-upon amount of money for delivering the stuff to my local post office
4. My local post office additionally also demands money from Amazon for putting the parcel into my post office box the same day it arrives because people order so much stuff from Amazon, otherwise they wait until the next day.

Comment: Re:Many warmer periods in the past with no AGW (Score 2) 869

Yea, look at this ice core data. Much warmer in the past, with no anthropogenic CO2 influence.

Certainly no catastrophic AGW, humans do well in warm times.
Cold is cop failures, starvation, and freezing to death.

The graph you link only goes up to 1855, so it is no wonder it shows no warming. Still, this graph keeps popping up to show that there has been no warming in recent years...


"Easterbrook plots the temperature data from the GISP2 core, as archived here. Easterbrook defines “present” as the year 2000. However, the GISP2 “present” follows a common paleoclimate convention and is actually 1950. The first data point in the file is at 95 years BP. This would make 95 years BP 1855 — a full 155 years ago, long before any other global temperature record shows any modern warming. In order to make absolutely sure of my dates, I emailed Richard Alley, and he confirmed that the GISP2 “present” is 1950, and that the most recent temperature in the GISP2 series is therefore 1855."

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by Golden_Rider (#46681953) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

i remember when XP was released and WGA ( or it's predecessor ) was new and people were worried that MS would shutdown their servers and make it impossible to reinstall in some cases.

MS promised that they would release a key or some sort of patch that would allow you to install without the server.

Where is it?

They publicly stated that the activation servers will not be turned off, so there is no need yet for such a patch.

Comment: How do you define "support"? (Score 1) 650

by Golden_Rider (#46681951) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

The thing I always ask myself when I hear people claim that MS has an obligation to "support" Windows XP indefinitely is - where do you draw the line? What IS "support and fixing security issues"? XP is so old by now that it is lacking a lot of newer security features, so it "by design" is less secure than, say, Windows 7 or 8. If those people demanding eternal support got their way, would Microsoft have to "fix" these security issues by providing updates which effectively would turn Windows XP into a more modern operating system? Would Microsoft face lawsuits if they said "nope, those are features only Windows 7 and 8 have, we won't put those into XP" and then the machines running XP got turned into spam zombies due to someone exploiting those security holes?

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