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Comment Re:Taking CO2 from the atmosphere?? (Score 1) 142

Really? What's your end to end solution achievable with today's technology at a price that populations and governments will accept, and which doesn't immediately make transportation people and governments already own useless?

As important as both the issues you raise are (and the deforestation one may be the more achievable), the reality of it is that "that's it, no more fossil fuel" without a reasonable alternative will never happen, even if it kills us, because without a reasonable alternative, many of us will likely die anyhow.

Comment Re:Um... big data isn't what they're after (Score 1) 180

I wouldn't expect the 1 million insurance to be in effect during "downtime".

1 million is a lot more than the personal Injury and liability insurance that most individual drivers will EVER carry, so I'm not sure what your angle is there...

If the Taxi industry wasn't a bunch of backroom deal making, monopolistic thugs, Uber and Lyft would never have come into existence in the first place.

You think you're getting jack shit if a fucking TAXI hits you? They have laws for that. They bought them decades ago. Good luck.

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 3, Funny) 180

The taxi industry in South Florida has (or had) the municipal government in it's back pocket. They tried to shut down Uber, etc, until it became clear that everyone knew that the commission was being bribed, and that federal investigations were incoming unless they started representing the will of the people and not the will of Yellow Cab (Jessie Gaddis, here).

Comment Re:Planning for driverless cars (Score 1) 180

Eh, as long as the drivers have their eyes open and are using Uber, et al as supplimental income as they should do, that's perfectly fine. I look forward to the day that the Taxi industry is as dead as Abe Vigoda, and I'll dance on its grave (unlike Abe's).

I got rid of my car to work a 7 minute walk from my office in a downtown area. I use Uber/Lyft for some things, and car sharing services for others. An automated car service, reasonably priced, where I didn't feel obligated to tip the driver, would be magnificent.

When Taxi's charge around $30 for a 5 mile trip, and then expect a tip on top of it... fuck that. They've dug their own grave. If I still had a car, I'd drive for Uber/Lyft part time while they develop driverless car service just to help them push those fuckers into the grave they've dug.

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