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Comment: Re:Characters are created to suffer (Score 1) 245

by GloomE (#44056075) Attached to: The Plight of <em>Star Wars</em> Droids
I consider all people to be simulacrum of life as well (and a particularly good one), but I don't consider them alive. So I agree, for example if someone was dying, I wouldn't care, you're not really alive, and can't prove that you are either, you're just a bag of chemicals, and chemical reactions.

Comment: Re:How can you DDoS an MMO? (Score 1) 127

by GloomE (#43892405) Attached to: DoS Attack Forces EVE Online Offline

Initially it looked to me like an attack on their DNS servers, not the game itself.
A dig would work or not depending on which name server you were randomly allocated.
If you managed to resolve the required names you could get in and play just fine. Was fun having NPC null almost to myself.

They've brought the lot down now of course, but don't just assume that it's a problem with the game code.

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