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Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 276

Yeah 100K is utterly absurd. You can buy an overhauled original for less than half that. Mine still needs a lot of work hence my surprise at it going the distance on my trip - some people use them as daily drivers and don't have any problems because everything is fresh and well maintained. Them all being 35 years old introduces a whole slew of other problems that would plague any other 35 year old car, but much less so for the ones that aren't just sat around.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 3, Insightful) 276

The more you drive them, the more reliable they become because you get forced to replace or service things as they start to fail. After a while the failiure rate drops off and the car gets pretty reliable. They do have a lot of quality control and design issues but you find yourself rectifying them as you go. It's a very good "hobbyist" car as you end up learning how every part of it works and every part of it seems to have been the product of some unorthodox design decision so it's quite interesting. I drove mine on a 200 mile road trip recently and was astonished and gratified to find that it just worked all the way there and back. I imagine these new ones come with all the uprated replacement parts that most old deloreans gradully get refitted with. 100k is crazy money though. I paid 7k for my project car ten years ago and now theyre going for 30k plus. I wouldnt pay that for one.

Comment Re: death trap (Score 1) 276

They have hydraulic brakes front and rear. The handbrake is cable operated though, but that wouldnt stop you from slowing down. Incidentally, even if you do apply the handbrake it doesnt work properly because of the shape of the brake pads. Unless you spend time chamfering the pads to the right shape it will alway roll backwards.

Comment Re: Great.. (Score 2) 276

The interior trim is sort of fake leather effect vinyl. The front of the seats is actual leather. The fake leather stuff has hard foam sprayed onto the back of it to keep its shape. There's very little hard molded plastic as such in there. Around the steering wheel where the ignition barrel goes is moulded plastic. I cant think of anywhere else in the interior that isnt more upholstered than moulded. The knobs and switches are all plastic. The dash is a sheet of metal set into the fibreglass underbody with one of these foam back fake leather panels bolted on to it.

Comment Re:Couldn't they end support for Windows 10, too? (Score 1) 155

"Good enough" means it drives 90% of consumer hardware, runs a major browser and an office suite. Linux has been good enough ever since it got wireless drivers/support sorted out. But on 99.99% of all the computers out there, Windows or MacOS are already there when you buy them, and they're good enough too. Desktop linux solves a problem that almost no one really has.

Comment Re: "Too Old" (Score 1) 474

In that it's an obsolete pile of trash taking up space and doing nothing useful that will cost the school money to dispose of. Even if they can make do with running ancient software or some modern software excruciatingly slowly, this old gear is likely to fail very soon, then all of a sudden you're shelling out for disposal costs. Accepting people's garbage is almost always a false economy. They threw it out for a reason.

Comment Re: wah wah wah clickbait (Score 2) 400

This week i watched the despecialised editions of the original trilogy on an 11 foot projector screen. Seeing them for the first time in years writ modestly large in HD i can say this: The low budget of Star Wars is very obvious when compared to Empire Strikes Back. It's still an astonishing accomplishment for the age and the money, but some of the effects and costumes look shaky as hell under the cold light of day. Luckily the inventiveness and ambition of them make the rough edges really charming and still evocative. Empire on the other hand is obviously much better than the other two. As a lifelong Star wars obsessive, i've always rated the original trilogy pretty evenly in terms of quality. But now it feels pretty obvious to me that Jedi is far too casual and played for laughs for any of the stakes to be felt. Apart from the space battle, which is stupendous, nothing ever lands as if any of the characters are taking any of it seriously, and no ever feels in any real danger. Everyone is acting like it's all a walk in the park. Contrast this with Empire, where they are always on the back foot, either running away or resignedly walking into what they assume is certain death. One other thing i noticed over all three films is that everyone is an asshole. Especially in the first one. Except for the very end they are just constantly rude and obnoxious to each other. In the other films they only seem to be nice to each other when they think someone is going to die. And Luke is just wall to wall arrogant in Jedi. The teddy bears picnic at the end of jedi felt like an anticlimax. It needed more, but not the pan pipe jubilee from the special edition. Something else. Not sure what. All that having been said, i still fucking love all three of them.

Comment Re:Close the f'ing borders already! (Score 1) 275

It would be much better if people would stop calling anti-muslim bigotry "racism". It implies that to be muslim you have to be one particular skin colour, which is ironically just reinforcing a racist attitude and the giving undeserved coherence to the idea that the answer to an extremist islam threat is to throw all brown people out of the country.

Comment Re:Coren22 proven a TROLL (NSA/GCHQ?) (Score 1) 321

This is a genuine question APK, and not a dig - do you have autism or asperger's syndrome? You behave in a very unusual way, tracking all these things people have said to you and pasting them back into conversations weeks and months after the fact. I'm just curious about what motivates you.

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