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Comment Re:Close the f'ing borders already! (Score 1) 274

It would be much better if people would stop calling anti-muslim bigotry "racism". It implies that to be muslim you have to be one particular skin colour, which is ironically just reinforcing a racist attitude and the giving undeserved coherence to the idea that the answer to an extremist islam threat is to throw all brown people out of the country.

Comment Re:Coren22 proven a TROLL (NSA/GCHQ?) (Score 1) 321

This is a genuine question APK, and not a dig - do you have autism or asperger's syndrome? You behave in a very unusual way, tracking all these things people have said to you and pasting them back into conversations weeks and months after the fact. I'm just curious about what motivates you.

Comment Re: It's a TRAP! (Score 1) 336

Unfortunately we have almost no say over what the shower of cunts that calls itself out government do. We marched in the millions against helping the shower of cunts that calls itself your government from invading iraq, to avoid the cost of billions of pounds and thousands of lives but it meant fuck all. The elite do as they please, and we are totally fucking impotent. There will be no armed uprising that american gun nuts fantasise about, in the US or the UK. And if there were it would just replace one shower of cunts with another shower of cunts. The only solution i can imagine is if enough people learn to stop being cunts that they eventually outnumber them and organically end up replacing them. But most people are cunts, even the people that should know better, so for the time being, we're fucked.

Comment this is not new (Score 5, Informative) 279

i live in the uk and my local cineworld did this briefly about 5 years ago after a commandment from on high. The staff found it embarrasing and stupid and i remember seeing them wandering in with the goggles on and staring at us for a few seconds then walking off again. They only did it for a couple of weeks.

This isn't new, and it isn't really a sustained procedure of audience monitoring. It's a publicity stunt to make people think they're being watched - make a giant fuss about how they're watching everyone in the dark and hopefully that will scare them into not filming the screen.

They do it long enough to make people aware of it then stop again. Then in another 5 years make a big hoo-haa and break out the night vision goggles again for a couple of weeks.

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 591

Why can't you spell the word "fucking"? Please read definition #1 of the link you posted. Congratulations, you just destroyed your own argument. Also, please read the wikipedia page for "Scientific theory" (I assume this is what you mean by "scienftic theory wiki") . The first line also directly contradicts the claim you're attempting to make.

In common english, theory means "hypothetical explanation/contemplation/conjecture". As a scientific term, theory is defined in both the references you gave along the lines of "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation". I don't understand why you can't comprehend what I assume you've taken the time to read.

Comment Re:Unlimited for one year (Score 4, Insightful) 418

Smugness aside, it's a fair point. The Headline is absurd, and the first thing I thought on reading is that would mean you could have a kid and get free wages for the rest of your life, so the headline must be bullshit.

The word "unlimited" has lost all meaning. "Unlimited within X limits" is an oxymoron. "Any amount of leave within the first year" is not. "No further limits within X limits" is also a less misleading way of phrasing things.

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