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I don't know if most of the world is right. - maybe it was just america- because in the UK it was just called Mad Max 2 (no "road warrior" in sight) and we were very much aware of the original film. Here's a link to the international one-sheet quad poster, not featuring the phrase "road warrior"

Comment Re:Not searches. Ads. (Score 1) 216 216

It's the general principle and how it could apply to any issue of concern, rather than this one example. And it's the number of people that would fall for this that makes them relevant. I don't think it's prudent to dismiss a large chunk of the population as not smart enough to be relevant. Some very un-smart people get into positions of power all the time. There are plenty of harmful myths that stay around even in the minds of people who are generally smart just because they have a plausible venue to be heard.

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I have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard that both require AAA batteries and do not charge from anything. They work perfectly fine. I change the batteries once a year. Apart from changing the batteries (a triviality) they operate absolutely no differently and give me no issues that a PS/2 mice/keyboard would. If they charged from USB they would not even have the occasional battery change to differentiate them from a wired setup. I use them because I have the PC connected to a big projector screen in the next room for watching movies, and it mean I can use the keyboard/mouse from whichever room. Is there something I'm missing about how they don't work properly?

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I think the issue is more that people who don't know better (probably the majority of people) will assume those ads at the top of the search results are just results, since they look very similar, just with a little yellow box that says "ad" under the main link. This box is easily overlooked by inattentional blindness if you're not looking to make sure you aren't looking at an ad.

It's all very well telling people to learn the difference, but most people won't, and that's not just their problem, it's everyone's problem if liars can pay google to effectively come top of relevant searches, since we have to live with people who will be potentially operating under dangerous false assumptions.

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