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by Ginger Unicorn (#47261425) Attached to: Cybercriminals Ramp Up Activity Ahead of 2014 World Cup
Alexander, did you even read the post that you linked back to? It describes pretty much exactly what you're doing here. I can't tell if you're an Andy Kaufman style comic maverick or if you're a paranoid schizophrenic. I think it's the latter, and to be honest, initially i found you funny, but now I feel guilty for mocking the afflicted.

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by Ginger Unicorn (#47220329) Attached to: Cybercriminals Ramp Up Activity Ahead of 2014 World Cup

Can you not see that you come off like a raving lunatic? Whether or not you are posting facts isn't the issue.

It's a fact that the earth orbits the sun. But if I post:

The EARTH orbits the SUN. THE EARTH ORBITS THE SUN. EARTH around sun. Not sun around EARTH. I am right and all my detractors that troll me are being paid by flat-earthers to harass me.

..And I jump on slashdot and post a page full of that every time the subject of the sun comes up on slashdot, I would be obviously mentally ill.

These people aren't trolling you because they're paid shills. They're trolling you because you are an easy target because you clearly have mental health problems.

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who on earth even watches cams nowadays? There are DVD screeners for almost everything, and even if there aren't, the blu-rays come out within a handful of months. Not that I'm advocating piracy, i'm indifferent to it. To be honest priacy seems a little redundant nowadays as I pay £16 a month for an unlimited card and watch practically everything that comes out in the cinema.

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Just speaking purely from the logical perspective, it could be the case that gun proliferation has no impact on crime rates or it increases crime rates, but that there's some other independent factor that has driven crime down to the extent that the impact of guns is hidden. I'm not arguing for one side or the other. I'm just pointing out that the logic, that negative correlation disproves a claim, isn't airtight unless you control for all the variables.

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Deloreans have a really strong torsion bar along the hinges of each door that do the majority of the work. The gas struts mostly just hold the doors up once they're open. The torsion bars are strong enough that if you unlatch the door, it just glides up on its own. I've handled one of those doors when detached from the car, and they are seriously heavy.

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.