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Comment: Best Clancy Quote (Score 1) 236

by GigG (#45015725) Attached to: Tom Clancy Is Dead At 66
Way back when John Grisham's first book had hit it big Clancy was being interviewed on one of the morning shows. They asked him with the popularity of Grisham's book would he ever write a book with a lawyer as a hero. His answer was, "I think I'm a pretty good fiction writer, but I'm not that good." (Paraphrase from a 20 year old memory.)

Comment: Re:So much for... (Score 2) 743

Reread the Second Amendment and diagram the sentences. Maybe then you will understand what it is saying. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It doesn't say "...the right of the states militia to keep and bear arms..." And many constitutional authorities believe the meaning of the word "regulated" in the amendment was. To adjust for accurate and proper functioning.

+ - American Bankers Association Claims Copyright On Bank Routing Numbers 1

Submitted by 192_kbps
192_kbps (601500) writes "Greg Thatcher's website publishes bank routing numbers, the nine-digit numbers appearing at the bottom of US checks identifying the issuing bank. The American Bankers Association's lawyers issued a takedown notice, on follow-up claiming "These advances in the ABA Routing Number were the result of significant effort and creativity by the ABA." Techdirt has an analysis, and a petition supporting Thatcher has been created."

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