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Comment: Verizon Leadership (Score 3, Insightful) 153

by GateGuy (#49673153) Attached to: Closing This Summer: Verizon To Scoop Up AOL For $4.4 Billion

I can not understand the leadership at Verizon. They seem to always do the opposite of what they should do.

For example, when the iPhone first came out, Verizon turned Apple down and lost quite a few subscribers to ATT. I wonder if the executive that made that decision kept his job?

More examples:
Red Box deal
Intel TV assets
and now AOL

There never appears to be a coherent thought process. The layoff thousands 3 weeks ago, going to lay off a lot more on May 22nd, yet there is money to waste on AOL. Funny thing is, I will probably be laid off after this year's contract negotiations are over, but my son will start working for Vz in June.

I bet they bag Wireline with the load debt so that Wireless books look great.

Comment: Re:Videos for future moments (Score 2) 698

I was thinking along this same path. I was thinking recording singing happy birthday, for each birthday up to 21. Maybe sing some Christmas Carols (or whatever religion you might practice). Try to do some videos that would be joke related, meaning you provide the joke on video (and then pause) your wife responds (in real life) and you provide punch line (on video). Might actually great fun.

Comment: Re:Now to understand what it means (Score 2) 2416

by GateGuy (#40479739) Attached to: Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

I would think that your premiums should go down.

I believe that a portion of the premiums that I pay go to a state uninsured fund, that hospitals draw from to pay for uninsured people that visit the emergency room.

With everyone having insurance now, there would no longer be a need for the state to collect and disperse the funds.

Of course I am talking about the state of Maryland, so if the funds are no longer needed for uninsured, the state will flush the money down Baltimore.

Comment: Re:Don't you understand things change? (Score 2) 591

by GateGuy (#37163626) Attached to: Verizon Employees End Strike

And the associates are rewarded by that profit directly in two ways.

First, if they contribute to their 401K, the company match is in Verizon stock equivalent. Once each quarter, the dividend is paid directly to the associate's 401K as additional Verizon stock equivalent.

Secondly, each spring, every associate received a corporate profit sharing award.

Affording, has zero to do with it.

You have junk mail.