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Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 238

The invisible hand refers to many things including the "law of unintended consequences." There is nothing magical about that.

Secondly, in case it matters, the concept of the invisible hand came up in the 18th C and, I suppose, one could say that some 18th C people equated or conjoined the concepts. However Menger, von Mises, Hayek, Friedman did not, in any way conflate the two concepts.

Comment Re: Cool (Score 1, Troll) 184

So. If Obama was for Keystone the Republicans would be against it?
If Obama enforced the border the Republicans would be against it?
If Obama used Executive Privilege to relinquish Federal lands and give them back to the states the Republicans would be against it?

I don't think so.

However the Democrats passed Obamacare - how's it gone for them since then?

Comment Re:Science! (Score 4, Insightful) 127

Really? Exponential increases in processing power along with a decrease in price is not affecting your life in any meaningful way? Do you want to go back to 9600 baud? And be excited when 14.4s and then 28.8 came out.

In 2000 T1s (1.54 Mb/s) cost $1000 a month and I don't know how much to install. Now 1.54 up and down is low end consumer speed.

The difference between an iPhone and a brick phone is astonishing. You have a computer better than what was available 20 years ago (better than what sent men to the moon) in the palm of your hand plus a camera plus a recording device plus a calculator plus all the apps that never existed before and yet you're blase about it?

Dude!. Wake up. The pace of change is truly amazing. Not to go Kurzweilian on you but this world is changing faster than ever and you're not seeing it; not appreciating the beauty; nor aware of the dangers.

Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 1) 425

Thank you.

Very nice post.

OK. Point made.

I would lose money on that bet. I still don't like it as a generic test to see if a population is overweight.

Population A and Population B both have 30% regular gym goers.
Population A spends it's time lifting weights.
Population B spends its time on cardio.

Population A will be obese in comparison with Population B - but more muscular.

Then we hear A is fat and B is better when in reality it isn't.

yes I'm leaving a lot out - but ... such is the nature of quick posts on line.

Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 1) 425

I understand that Mike Tyson is not the norm. Our primary point of contention is the phrase "95% of the population." Secondly I don't think that BMI is a good indicator of flabbiness. I have a friend who is taller 5'11 and lighter than me (mid 150s) and he is most definitely flabbier than I am, especially around the middle.

And yet his BMI is normal (21.6) and mine is overweight (26.5) -- Just used a BMI calculator - I pretend don't know this off hand. :-)

Third, BMI doesn't pass the sniff test. Take a guy 6'1" who is 230, goes to the gym all the time, pushes 315+ while benching and is solid but overweight (BMI of 31.7) . Tell him that he should get down to under 190 to be in "good" shape. That's a joke. At 190 he would probably be in the 5-8% body fat range. That's not overweight that is competitive athlete range.

These three things: that BMI is fairly accurate only with those people who are not regular gym goers (not talking about aerobics or pilates here); that the normal / overweight range does not give accurate "flabby" measures, and doesn't pass the sniff test with regular gym goes is the reason it's not respected - nor should it be.

Your waist is a good measure of your fatness. It would be great to have accurate ratios to go by (hip, waist, chest, height) because for those of us that go to the gym 5-6 times a week BMI is bullsh!t.

Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 1) 425


BMI is terrible. I'm a desk jockey and am a regular gym goer. I'm 5'10 and 185 and while I don't have a six pack I can see my belt buckle. According to BMI calculations I am overweight. If I put on 20 pounds of fat and muscle I would be called obese.

BMI is foolishness and ought not be given the light of day. Google Mike Tyson. At his prime he was 5'10 and 215. OBESE (and yet had a six-pack).

A better generic measurement would be a ratio of waist and chest. Picture two males at 5'10 and 185. One with a chest of 44 with a 33" waist; and another with a 38" chest and 38" waist. One is in good shape. The other is in miserable shape and both have the same BMI.

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