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Comment: Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 730

by GLMDesigns (#49343835) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident
Considering that pilots are not flying their entire lives but only in the years in which they are in physically good shape; considering that they are not literally starving or severly dehydrated the chances of a pilot passing out or fainting - and except for drug and alcohol use - is much less than once-in-a-pilot's-flying-lifetime.

Comment: Re:Same here in the USA (Score 1) 147

by GLMDesigns (#49338251) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists
But even if my vote did actually count, I wouldn't buy the limited government line. It's never going to happen.

The government was much more limited (comparatively so) 20 years ago. While I don't think we'll ever get to a government as promoted by von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard or Samuelson it doesn't mean that I should not promote the concept of individual freedom and actively promote those factions within the 2 parties that would help push the country in that general direction.

Comment: Re:Same here in the USA (Score 1) 147

by GLMDesigns (#49336061) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists
The people in power and the people trying to push the country in one direction or the other are not identical. There is a party in which there are some trying to limit the size of the party who have been elected to political office.

There is another party (including almost all of its supporters) which has contempt for limited government.

As to making the government smaller - no it is rarely done. But what would you have done? Nothing?

Comment: Re:Same here in the USA (Score 1, Informative) 147

by GLMDesigns (#49334985) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists
I guess you and I have different definitions of "conservative." What does conservative mean to you?

Which of the two political parties in America want to roll back Imperial Washington?
Which of the two political parties wants an ever larger, ever more powerful government and which one has a large percentage of people who want to go to a government with limited powers as enumerated in the US Constitution?

Comment: Re:Free market will sort it out (Score 1) 254

by GLMDesigns (#49291627) Attached to: Evolution Market's Admins Are Gone, Along With $12M In Bitcoin
Free markets is not synonymous with anarchy. Believe it or not governments and courts ARE part of free markets, and the markets ARE supposed to pay for these government services through fees.

Black markets often exist because of government foolishness (banning alcohol) and sometimes because an action is prohibited due to use of force: ie sx slavery. Governments, from a free market perspective, exist to redress fraud and violence and not to enforce morality or use business transaction fees to set up a patron-client relationship with sections of the populace.

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