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by GLMDesigns (#48022845) Attached to: Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"
Are you serious? It was an amazing trip. One can say anything one wants about going west (in order to go East) but until it's done it's unproven and highly experimental. You say you're Portuguese - then take another look at how long it took voyagers to go from the Canary Island to rounding the cape of Africa. It took technological innovations (the caravel among others) and decades.

Then here comes a guy who says that he'll sail west instead and you say he was a moron for mistaking the Carribean for the Indies. Yes some Persian and Arabic cartographers had accurately estimated the circumference of the globe but that doesn't mean it was universally known. Europeans (while technologically advanced in a lot of technology was still influenced by Ptolemy.

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by GLMDesigns (#48011809) Attached to: Utilities Should Worry; Rooftop Solar Could Soon Cut Their Profit
Is this a serious post, just trolling or some misguided "true believer". There's a law of supply and demand to everything including energy. One sector may do well at another's expense (which is why one shouldn't want government messing around with the economy). Big oil may suffer by this (or not) but other companies such as Tesla and other battery / storage device makers will profit. If Exxon and the Koch Brothers are smart they will be making money with or without oil. If broccoli farming made more money than oil then they would be broccoli farmers.

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Social Conservatives are less than 25% of Republicans and are probably less than 20% of the total.

-- Then why do they get more than 50% of the vote in the primaries?

---- I don't think they do. Example Todd Akins won Missouri in 2012 with like 37% of the vote (and that was the SoCon's best effort of 2012). The Tea Party and the Establishment split the rest.


Being religious does not equal being a social conservative.

-- Sure, some people are religious but not socially conservative... but they're usually Democrats.

---- I don't think that's true at all. You do realize that Fred Phelps (Westboro Church) was a Democrat, that in 2010 a majority of NYS Democrats were anti-gay marriage. Republicans keep thinking they will turn Pennsylvannia and Michigan Red because of all the SoCons there. But ... these SoCons vote Dem.


It's too bad, too, because unlike the rest of the Republican candidates, he was socially-liberal enough to have a chance of beating Obama in the general election (had he run as a Republican instead of a Libertarian)..

I'm glad you voted for Gary Johnson - I did as well. But where are the non-authoritarian Democrats? Which Democrats are for shrinking the size of government? The ever-more-oppressive-and-ever-more-intrusive Federal and local government is spearheaded by Democrats. Seat belt laws, soda sizes, the rise of the nanny-state and the police powers to enforce it are coming from the Left / Progressive politicians.

How about that law that forces you to buy a product whether you want it or not? What's that called the Affordable Care act or something like that. Which authoritarian party pushed that through?

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Social Conservatives are less than 25% of Republicans and are probably less than 20% of the total. Being religious does not equal being a social conservative. No there aren't any (that I know of ) declared atheists Republican elected officials. But Gary Johnson and others are/were pretty damn close to "coming out." Republicans are not "in whole" in favor of a "huge and authoritarian" state. Go to Red State and Legal Insurrection and you'll see that many are opposed to the leviathan state.

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First of all social conservative /= republicans. (Not all social conservatives are republicans and most republicans are not social conservatives.) Obviously the fact that some are does not mean that all are. Some democrats think the US is evil for promoting homosexuality. Some republicans are OK with homosexuality. You can go down the list with every issue under the sun. The key divides between republicans and democrats is over the size and scope and purpose of the Federal government.

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And here we were taught by Under-development theorists (Marxists) that poverty was caused by exploitation by the capitalist countries (Core-Periphery) and that the solution was to have underdeveloped countries have less trade with capitalist countries. All sorts of regimes copied that (high import tarrifs, refusing outside companies from going in,etc...). Free market economists said that would create more poverty. Marxist economists and theorists said "bullsh1t." So. According to Marxist theorists and economists from the 1950s to the 1990s (out of grad school now - things may have changed) the Cuban embargo should have helped Cuba by saving them from capitalist exploitation.

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I don't think so. I was born and raised in NY in an immigrant family, living among other immigrants. You get used to hearing English spoken by people in Italian, Russian, Chinese, West Indian accents. In fact it becomes normal. What about someone not raised in a NYC sort of situation? A place where my NYC accent is out of place? They might have a hard time, not because they are poor communicators but because they are not attuned to the different cadence and inflection of the speaker.

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