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Comment Re:Exxon MADE the hard decision (Score 1) 255

OK. My point was consumption of oil. And perhaps I wasn't precise enoughas saying "bullsh!t" is more of a comment than an answer:-)

You and I and others may not be direct consumers of oil but the trucks that deliver our food do. The farmers that grow the food use it. This food comes wrapped in plastic (I mean oil) and so on; and so on; and so on.

We all use oil in our daily lives.

Comment All technologies are specialized at first and then (Score 3, Informative) 130

All technologies are specialized at first and then spread out - whether it's printing or optical lenses or steam engines or whatever. It's good to speed up the process but the DIY maker movement has decentralized and come down in price remarkably fast. The technological barrier is one of knowledge - something that _mainly_ (not only) requires desire to learn.

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