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Still, the mechanism "you do something, you get something in return" seems to work better than "do nothing and get stuff for free" since well, you figure it out...
The real problem begins (or it starts to get interesting) where too much of the things that can be done is being automated and there isn't enough work to do for less educated people.

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So what happens is that seed production is in the hands of one big corporation. Monsanto.
It's suing farmers for accidental cross pollination or in other words they pollute the crops of farmers with their product and then they sure them.
Farmers, thinking their production will go up, don't realize their expenses go up three times, making their profit less.
What already has happened, is that a lot of farmers use the same seeds and, oh, surprise, there was a disease that targeted their expensive crops... Aaaannnd it was all gone. The harvest of a very big region ruined. In India this has already led to whole (cotton) farmer communities to go bankrupt.
Great job GMO.

Root cause: we are with too many people on this earth. GMO will not solve that problem.

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You mean a bit like america that invades a country here and a country there and justify that by thinking it's morally superior?
That obnoxious behavior is particularly strong and obvious for many years now - which is worrying.

I don't see that many differences.

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.