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Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 152

There's historically marginalized people everywhere, if you go back far enough in time everyone was and everyone has. Those "natives" oppressed other natives at some point (unless you believe in that wholesome native tribe - Comanches, Tibetans, Hawaiians - they weren't very nice to their neighbors) so do those ancestors get to claim the land? If you do keep giving people what is 'rightfully' theirs by going back further and further, then you get into situations like Africa where tribal wars and slavery have been marginalizing the country for centuries, long before a white man ever put a flag in the ground.

To give people like American "Indians", Hawaiians a pittance because someone feels bad about their ancestors' actions is marginalizing them even further. To say they were 'wholesome', peaceful or somehow better than anyone else is racist, it's taking away their humanity, there was good and evil as well in their history, to ignore it is just hiding their rich history of wars, peace, settlement, nomadic life, trade and treaties.

Is it "their" land (as in they own it currently and it was in the process of being taken by the government)? No? If they want it back, they should conquer it and deal with the consequences of trying to stake claim to another nation's property.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 1) 220

Can you pay Windows sysadmins minimum wage? Wherever I look, I don't see 120k/year difference in wages (I assume a full time sysadmin would have to handle at least 10, if not 100 servers). And a sysadmin that just knows Windows is a bad sysadmin, I would never hire someone that is a one trick pony.

Comment Re: No transit costs. (Score 1) 105

Actually we used to have a curious form of economy for the longest time in many parts of Europe where key infrastructure was in the hands of the state while the rest of the economy worked out in a market economy. The net result was that there was a lot more competition for the consumer market because the playing field for the competitors was a lot more level.

In this example it would mean that the cables would be owned by a state controlled monopoly while the ISPs compete on equal footing by renting cable from the state monopoly and providing the ISP service to the customers. Much lower entrance cost into the market meant that a lot of small ISPs competed, allowing the price to drop. Then in their unending wisdom our regulators decided to "liberate" the market because that bad, bad state government made everything so terribly expensive due to all the red tape and bureaucracy that state monopolies entail.

Now, about 15 years after the monopoly fell, we have two major ISPs left, zero competition between the two (who curiously seem to divine whenever the competitor raises the price and matches it immediately), prices are up at the ceiling, bandwidths have been stagnant for a few years now, cables are congested because nobody invests in new infrastructure and the whole shit is going down the drain.

Thanks, free market!

Comment Re:Can we just make it legal to shoot executives? (Score 1) 105

I really say one should test that literally. How well does a golden parachute really work if you toss said manager out of the 50th floor? Inquisitive minds want to know! And let's be honest here, it sure ain't no loss if a CEO or two die in the process, we have far more than we need anyway.

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