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Comment: Re:Not-so-accurate source (Score 1) 487

by Fusen (#43934391) Attached to: BBC Clock Inaccurate - 100 Days To Fix?

"I know most clients clocks are not precise, but if they have their timezone wrong, I don't why that's the BBCs fault."

The whole issue here is that someone complained that the BBC's clock was wrong...while the whole time the BBC was using the local user's computer time as the source. So the end user having their timezone wrong would bring us back to step 1 in this dilemma. Hence why the problem isn't as easy as you think it seems to be.

The BBC can't use anything set locally on the end user's machine this basically leaves the IP address as an attempt to find the correct location, now try and find an IP -> geographical location database that is 100% accurate, as if it isn't accurate for one user...we're back to step 1 of this dilemma as that person can then complain that the BBC clock is wrong.

Comment: Re:Area? (Score 1) 99

by Fusen (#36537910) Attached to: Bill Would Make Carriers Publish 4G Data Speeds
If I'm in doors within an old building with thick walls I may only be able to get 5kB/s If I'm in a sports stadium and it's half time with everyone trying to use their phone at the same time, I may get 0kB/s and not be able to do anything. Both of these are true "minimum" speeds that can happen fairly frequently. What it sounds like the bill should be asking for is the average data speed.

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by Fusen (#36535438) Attached to: Mobile Browsers Alternatives Compared
You're sort of right. Opera on the iPhone doesn't use WebKit, it handles reading the page on the Opera server and then sends you the image of the page to your phone. The majority of other third party web browsers do get forced to use WebKit but there is a very good reason to use them over the default Safari app. I use Atomic Web and it's got adblocking built in as well as a true full screen mode. That's just 2 of the 10's of little additions that make it such a more enjoyable/feature rich experience than the standard browser bundled with the phone.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 47

by Fusen (#36535406) Attached to: Mobile Browsers Alternatives Compared
I'm an iPhone user that uses Atomic Web as my default browser and uses the Cydia tweak 'BrowserChanger' to make the phone open all URLs with Atomic Web instead of Safari. But then I'm of the opinion that if I wasn't able to jailbreak my phone and install the useful tweaks I probably wouldn't have an iPhone at all. Until the time that there is no available jailbreak, you shouldn't view the iPhone through the eyes of what it can't do out of the box.

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by Fusen (#35139928) Attached to: Verizon iPhone Is Now Jailbreakable
I love that sort of attitude, "I don't need it so you shouldn't need it either".
Here's just a few reasons to jailbreak;
The iPhone lacks so many features or seemingly obvious functions that without the tweaks that jailbreaking provides, I'd probably swap phones.

Comment: Re:AT&T's Fault? (Score 1) 265

by Fusen (#35078824) Attached to: AT&T Sued For Systematic iPhone Overbilling
The only extra info I could find was this; "The lawsuit also said the consulting firm bought an iPhone and turned off all apps and services -- location services, push notifications, even e-mail. The consulting firm said it received data charges from 35 data transactions over 10 days, totaling about 2.3 MB. "

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by Fusen (#34607522) Attached to: UK Gov't Wants To Block Internet Porn By Default
tens of thousands...for porn? I'd bet money there are hundreds of thousands to millions of porn website, their list will grow by a ludicrous amount each day as well. rough guess at how many domains are our there, I could easily see at least a couple hundred thousand of the current 125 million domains at least have porn on them somewhere, even if they aren't traditional "porn sites" dedicated to it/requiring payment. in my teen years (not so long ago) I used to visit quite a few "funny video" sites that also would randomly through in some porn just for good measure :P

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