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Comment Behavioral Retargeting (Score 1) 107

Anyone who uses facebook will notice how it picks and chooses what to show you. Even if you jump through their overly complicated grouping methods, it will only limit what to show you. The only way to get a good stream is to view each person/group independently, which is over kill. You cant add secret groups to lists, so you have to view each secret group directly. RSS feeds no longer work, and stories are limited to 20 at a time.

They even scan for posts that relate to what you post, including categories and tag them. You post lots of political, food, cats, notice how the the feeds show you "likewise" posts from people. Think about that, your posts are tagged by its content.

This is a scary trend, they choose what you can see on the largest "social site". Its not social when facebook picks and chooses for you.

Facebook has already been banning content they seem offensive for political reasons. Lets not kid ourselves, the hate for anything non-progressive, left leaning gets a hammer on facebook. If enough people brigade vote on someone as offensive, it gets removed quicker than left leaning views. The stories of right wing groups getting their pages removed, or anti-feminist groups being removed is happening way to often. I've seen 2 people i follow had their page removed due to an inflammatory comment made against some popular social movements. While the censorship is really all over a sliding scale on what is acceptable, the side of safety is only for leftist views.

So, we have automated processes on what you content is shown, broken content reader, administrators removing content due to personal values, governments adding blacklists, facebook remove functionality and apis, and you being used as a lab animal in their testing.

Facebook is indeed a deal with the devil for its thought controlled social networking experience.

Comment Re:I got out years ago (Score 1) 186

I too use a laser printer for my day to day printing tasks and only bother with the color printer for when a task actually benefits from the use of color.

Being able to quickly print snapshot photos is particularly handy.

Mainly, the color printer just functions as a scanner (or copier).

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 54

Normal people aren't going to mess with a dead drive and serious enterprise customers are not going to have only one copy of their data.

Ultimately, all that matters is cost. Speed is even somewhat of an optional thing with the larger archival volumes. Although you do need enough speed to make populating (or recovering from) an entire drive practical.

I'm recovering a 4TB drive right now and it's moving as fast as all of the associated bottlenecks will allow.

I don't care what the underlying tech is. It just can't be so overpriced that I can't have a duplicate (or even a 3rd copy).

Dying gracefully with some warning would be nice but is it's not a showstopper if that's missing. A few of my HDDs have given no notice or not enough.

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 4, Informative) 177

It's hard to say if he was working to undermine Nokia from the inside, or if he was merely incompetent, or if he was simply out to enrich himself. Or a combination of all three.

Whatever it was, his tenure was an unmitigated disaster. Not just for Nokia as it turns out but for Microsoft too.

Comment Re:What a deal! (Score 1) 369

Labeling it democratic and it actually being democratic are two entirely different things. The previous regime in Egypt was a pretty good demonstration of that. So is the current regime in Iraq that's driving the rest of the country into the arms of ISIS.

Not having centuries of experience in this area probably doesn't help. Their understanding of democracy is much like the average tea bagger's.

Comment Re:Why MRE ? (Score 1) 378

Much like the new Soylent, an MRE is fuss free. I can just pull a packet out of my pocket and just start eating. This even goes for the dehydrated fruit and the kool-aid powder.

I don't have to worry about whether or not I have a suitable water source or power source.

Except even the worst MREs don't taste as bad as Soylent.

It's almost as if the Army had some idea of what it was doing...

Comment Re:I don't get it,... five a day? (Score 1) 378

I'm appalled at the idea that this person can't manage any basic rudimentary cooking even that which includes highly prefab ingredients. It really doesn't take much, despite what people may like to think.

Self-reliance is a really low bar here, especially in the age of the microwave oven.

Comment Re:I don't get it,... five a day? (Score 1) 378

The real problem is the human hubris of believing that we have finally correctly figured this nutrition thing out. Based on the last few decades, we clearly have not. The modern West may not even understand it as well as some ancient cultures.

So the entire premise of a food pill is a bit premature.

They're probably missing something important less likely to be missed by eating "good food".

Even veganism is less daft.

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