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Comment Not all rainbows and unicorns (Score 1) 152

At one place of employment, we got a new manager who had a technical background. He took rather too much interest in our day-to-day details. Didn't like the CMS we were using, didn't like the language we were using, etc. Primary reason for the dislike was that they weren't technologies he was familiar with. He did eventually back off, but there was a lot of stress for a while. There are always tradeoffs.

Comment Am I missing something? (Score 1) 203

Yes, I understand that VW cheated the regulators in terms of emissions. Fair enough. They cheated. They got caught. They should pay the price.

What I don't understand is end users being upset. In my life, I've purchased 5 cars to date (all new). Never has the emissions level of the vehicle been a factor, at any level, in my decision over which vehicle to purchase. Horsepower? Yes, Fuel efficiency? Yes. Cost? Yes. Emissions? Not even on the radar.

What am I missing?

Comment Re:Outgoing White Listed Firewall (Score 1) 134

That should work well enough to block third-party apps from phoning home. If the manufacturer wants the device to phone home, a firewall on the device probably won't be effective. To be effective, you need the firewall to run on a separate device (ideally manufactured by someone other than the manufacturers of your computer and OS).

Comment Re:I've been in the business for 40 years (Score 2) 474

Concur. I started in the industry 29 years ago (dang). It was cool. It was fun. We actually got to build interesting new stuff. And, yes, there were boring patches, but a lot of the time I actually woke up Monday morning thinking "I get to go to work today."

Now, we struggle to get permission to implement best practices. Instead, management wants to perpetuate the mistakes we've made for the past N years.

Actually, the biggest issue I seem to be encountering is "me, me, me". I used to encounter a team ethos among most, if not all, of my co-workers. Now, nobody seems to care about the team or the mission. It's all about them, and if things don't go precisely their way, they do their best to make everyone miserable. What scares me about this is that I'm afraid of becoming like them. Maybe it's time to spiff up the resume. Any good SW development firms in Canada (Ontario and Quebec excepted)?

Comment Need better requirements (Score 1) 146

I get that you're not on-line for long. But, when you are on-line, what sort of bandwidth do you need? A few years ago, I looked into working from the family cottage on a quasi-permanent basis, but there was nothing really available that met my needs.

Satellite tends to be okay on the download, but, even if you can do upload via satellite (when I was looking, upload was by land line - ick), it's really slow.

If you can get cellular data with tethering, that's not too bad, but you'd want to check on reliability and the actual limits imposed by the provider.

WiFi might do, but possible issues include reliability (what happens when it goes down), access (how many people share the connection, and does the provider really want to have you working through the connection), and security (shared WiFi?).

There are some rural providers that provide wireless connections to individual customers (the antennae look like small microwave antennae). That may be a possibility for you, but I"ve no idea on the cost.

I'd love to be able to work that remotely. Totally not possible with my current job. Sigh

Comment VMs? (Score 2) 394

Question: Does Windows 10 spy on what you do using a VM? If not, run your preferred *NIX variant in a VM under Windows 10 and do whatever you like.

If it does spy on your activities within a VM, consider flipping things around: *NIX running a VM that contains Windows 10.

I do understand that there is value to MS in sending data home and, yes, there is some value to us in having data sent home to MS. That said, if it is out of my control, the cost is far greater than any value I receive, so it ain't gonna happen. I was intending to upgrade one of my computers to Windows 10 Enterprise, but until I can confirm that no data get phoned home outside my control, not a chance. And in case Satya is listening, yes, I've managed to discourage my employer from upgrading to Windows 10 (given that security is a major consideration for us, data being phoned home outside of our control is a non-starter).

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 1) 87

Fair enough, but looking at the paper itself, two of the three authors live in the Netherlands, so unless they intend to travel to old Blighty, they don't live in the judge's jurisdiction. Also, presumably the paper was peer reviewed and it's possible that some of the reviewers also do not live in England and might "accidentally" release the paper into the wild.

Comment Re:I don't understand the opposing argument. (Score 1) 258

It would probably be more accurate to say that "punishment does not prevent ALL crime." Having once had a parking ticket, I go out of my way to avoid them. As far as cyclists go, yes, there are many who dreadfully abuse our traffic laws. Then again, I can just as easily say that about automobile drivers (and, no, I'm not talking about speeding, even though I'm certain I've heard reports that speeding is one of the key factors in driver fatalities). I drive a little over 100KM/week (i.e. fewer KMs than I cycle) stupid, dangerous, and decidely illegal, things I see drivers do each week boggles my mind. Some of them really seem to have no idea that there is any other human being on the planet. Suffice to say that, regardless of their mode of transport (car, bike, foot), we are surrounded by an ocean of clueless imbeciles so, hey, let's be careful out there.

Comment What about the outliers? (Score 1) 280

Waiting for an autonomous car near the city centre may not take long. But what happens when I visit a friend in the suburbs? The car drops me off and goes away. Then when I'm ready to go home, how long do I wait for a car to pick me up? If I own my own car, and if it doesn't go off to pick up someone else, my wait time to go home is nothing.

Keep in mind that my time has value. The cumulative value of the time I wait could be significant over the course of a year.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen