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Comment: Re:Not necessarily (Score 1) 400

You can potentially print things like toothbrushes, etc, but you cannot print food. Nor can you print gasoline or diesel fuel or ... I doubt this will significantly reduce shipping (it could potentially increase it - if printing stuff is cheap enough, the amount of raw material for printers might exceed the the shipping requirements of the finished goods it replaces).

Comment: After 28 years in the industry... (Score 1) 323

by FrozenGeek (#46552653) Attached to: More On the Disposable Tech Worker
... I've learned a few things. 1. Technology is continually changing. 2. It is up to me to be continually learning; no one else can, or will, do it for me. 3. The underlying principles and concepts remain the same, so someone with a good grasp of them will be useful IF THEY WANT TO BE USEFUL. 4. The best employers try to help employees keep up to date (but DO NOT RELY ON YOUR EMPLOYER FOR THIS).

Comment: Re: And we're going to trust self driving cars now (Score 1) 664

by FrozenGeek (#46309075) Attached to: Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration
Even if the self-driving cars are well coded, what about hackers? Imagine a virus that causes, say, a million vehicles to go berserk some Monday morning during rush hour. Or even just causes a million vehicles to brick themselves. Yes, people can also go berserk, but you likely won't get a million of them doing so at the same time. Have we learned nothing from M5 or iRobot or Terminator? Methinks 'tis about time for a Butlerian jihad.

Comment: When dealing with security... (Score 1) 261

by FrozenGeek (#46272639) Attached to: Edward Snowden's Lawyer Claims Harassment From Heathrow Border Agent
... best to keep it simple. Get there prepared with all the info they will need. Answer questions directly and simply. Don't volunteer additional info. I've traveled extensively. I've also had interviews with security services in the process of landing jobs. Those rules have always helped. Never had any problems.

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