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Comment Re:MPTCP vs MLPPP? (Score 1) 47 47

It sounds, though, like it requires the client to use an upstream proxy to make it work, otherwise the endpoints would need to be enabled for this, too.

Even in the SMB world, it's becoming common for clients to want multiple ISP connections. Usually this gets implemented within the firewall or with a link balancer device that allows for various failover or balancing schemes. Any one client TCP session stays on one link, though, so two 10Mbps links never delivers 20 Mbps to any one TCP session.

I'm not sure this would be that much of a benefit on a phone, since most are single-app focused and most apps rely on a single stream, which is I guess why they use multipath TCP.

Comment Gee, 12-13 year olds worried about sex somehow? (Score 5, Interesting) 368 368

Doesn't sound like a porn plague, it sounds like puberty.

12-13 year olds going through puberty, their hormones turned up to 11, obsessed with sex in some manner or other? Unsure of feelings they have about sex, worried they think about it too much (or not enough), all the anxieties of youth and social/sexual roles?

This is somehow new and driven by online porn?

When I was that age we were obsessed with porn, too. Everybody knew whose dad had a skin mag, some had their own secret stash. My friend and I on our way to junior high in 1978 found 3 porno mags in the street. Two were issues of Hustler and one was called "Double Cunt Fucker", a hardcore mag that had penetration, a 3-way and jiz shots. Probably average for what's online.

The problem with porn is that it's only appealing because society can't get a grip on sexuality.

Comment Re:Why did it only happened on Samsung's SSDs? (Score 2) 180 180

Perhaps competitive prices coupled with perceived quality (and good experience on other platforms) led to these drives being selected by more knowledgeable or performance oriented people.

These drives then got pushed harder or in ways more likely to expose the bugs, leading to a perception that they were unreliable under Linux.

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 235 235

All the HVAC techs I've ever talked to have told me that it's better to have the compressor run continuously than it is to short cycle it.

I had new AC put in about 10 years ago and if cleaning the A coil is something that's supposed to get done, they sure don't do the sheet metal like its something that's supposed to be done.

My A coil failed (I think they used a non-R134a coil) after two years and the guy had to do a lot of sheet metal surgery to get the new coil in.

Comment Re:A much more efficient air conditioner, too? (Score 1) 235 235

It'd be interesting to know what Sharp plans for the power input. I would suspect the market starts to shrink dramatically for input voltages over 48V because pretty much all battery arrays are 48V or lower and AFAIK (which isn't very far) only the newest solar installs run at high DC voltages.

I'd guess that this would be a 24-48V system (highest common DC voltage in battery arrays) and lets say you have 6 hours runtime after dark (pure battery load), you're burning 4000 watt hours of power or 80+ amps @ 48V and 160+ amps at 24v.

The daily use PowerWall is only 7kw and I'd guess a summer of that kind of use would put a serious dent in its lifespan.

The only thing I can think of is that the Sharp DC A/C is designed for sucking direct from larger solar panel installs during the sunny days and really isn't practical to use for night cooling without some kind of other prime energy source (generator, grid, etc).

Comment A much more efficient air conditioner, too? (Score 1) 235 235

Is this not just a change in power input but a substantially more energy efficient air conditioner, too?

I've seen small A/C systems for cars and marine applications that can run off DC power, but they're usually pretty small which helps cut the overall power consumption. In marine applications they also have the advantage of being able to use sea water to move the heat versus a fan and coils in open air.

One of Sharp's smallest split system units has 8500 BTU of cooling with an EER of 13 which is roughly 650 watts. That's about 14 amps @ 48v, 27 @ 24, and a battery sucking 54 amps at 12v (run with welding cable).

8500 BTU might cool a room reasonably well, but its not going to provide whole-house cooling, either, and would require a pretty large battery array to run off battery. It might make sense for some kind of supplemental cooling setup where it ran direct off solar panels.

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