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Comment Re:Canadian-French multilingual keyboard (Score 1) 315

I agree, the keyboard we find everywhere in Québec is very easy to use (QWERTY and the number on the top row) and you can easily type ÇÉÀÜÎ whatever accentuated characters. Also most of them have the dual layout printed on each keys, so by switching the OS to US keyboard, any american could use it to type []{}#\| more easily

Comment Re:wut? (Score 1) 250

Apple can be replaced (Android phones), Amazon can be replaced (hundreds of online retailers), Facebook is more or less useless, you do not need it. Microsoft can be replaced (Linux). But Google?!? can you replace its search engine?

Comment Re:wut? (Score 1) 250

You can replace iPhone with Android phones, there is competition there, there is way more android phones than iphones. You can replace Amazon by the hundreds of others online retailers. Facebook, well, is more or less useless, it's not a product you are using. Microsoft has competition too like Linux.
But Goole, has no real competition.

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