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User Journal

FortKnox's Journal: My First Photoshop Win (on Fark)! 9

Journal by FortKnox
Well, my brother and I came up with the idea, we both worked on finding the pictures to use, but he did the actual photoshopping (because he came home earlier than me and started working on it before dinner).

But, as a warning, this was done in HORRIBLY bad taste, and we make fun of the mentally handicapped. So, click here if you've heeded my advice. Yeah, I go by the alias "FortKnox" on fark, too (and I pay for a subscription there so I can get photoshops earlier).
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My First Photoshop Win (on Fark)!

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  • by glh (14273)
    Congrats! Love it, but it's definitely not PC :)

    What's up with the Wil Weaton fixation from some of the other entries? (Ok, I'm not that into Fark, maybe I'm missing something). I also thought it was funny how several people did PONG like games. And Kiddley Diddler 2.0 was funny in a disturbing way..

  • Fark Photoshop Contests are always good for a chuckle or three.
  • and I generally refrain from fark from here.

    should I wait until I get home? or can someone maybe link directly to the FK image and the original?
    • There is no original, its a theme "Video Games that shouldn't be made"

      Here's the photoshop entry [].
      • WOW.

        I mean....WOW.

        I mean, noooo!!!!!!!!!(pause.) *chuckle...*

        You're evil. And you're funny.

        Thant's a dangerous combination... i only recently started reading fark, i haven't graduated to photshop contests yet. (I'm currently busy on a pixel-by-pixel edit of a fourteenth century seal of an eye, used in one of the pseudomagic texts. I'm putting it into a streaming sunrise photo and i want it perfect.

  • I really do. Kudos.
  • Yes, you're right. It's in bad taste, but not *nearly* as bad taste as MANY of the others. The Christopher Reeve Steeplechase?! Kiddie Diddler 2.0? The Sims Hot Date Rape? Kitty Hunter?

    And these are just the ones that loaded on my glacial dialup before I stopped it.

    Anyway, nice work -- it's well done, regardless of the taste or lack thereof. :-)

  • Fark is blocked by our proxy now!!!! I was just there yesterday. Now I have to... work? AHHH!!

    I did check out the original though at That is sweet. Very well done.

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