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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Damn Slashdot, the dilemma, and replies to other JEs 10

I wrote out a heartfeld 'thank you' to Sam to post into his "thank you" JE. I didn't forget I was banned, just thought it'd be over by now.

Taco, doing these IP bans and excluding people along with completely ignoring the moderation email inbox is a bad idea. I'll remember this. Extra motivation is a bad bad thing...

Anywho, Koria.. I'm interested (as per your last JE), and Sam... you are the one we should all be thanking. You are living with a disease that most of us would bitch and moan about, and still enjoying every bit of life. Em, I'm with you... what the HELL was I thinking as a kid?!?!? All those years in high school working and being able to spend 100% of what I was making!

As far as the dilemma... they offered me the job... for a paycut. Not a drastic paycut, but it was a cut. I was pretty upset. As a contractor, I make X dollars an hour... they pay like 4X an hour to gain my services. Usually an offer is more than I make (but nothing drastically more... maybe 15% more a year at most). They offered me what they thought the job was worth, so I'll probably turn it down. At least they made the decision easy on me...

Update: Some AC corrected my spelling (was it really necessary to post that as an AC? Geez, its like if I knew someone's alias that appreciated good spelling and grammar, I'd go nutzoid over them or something...)
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Damn Slashdot, the dilemma, and replies to other JEs

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  • That sucks. What are your chances for advancement if you do take the position, and when would your first review be? Consider those things before turning it down...
  • You can comment away over at the brew, hombre.
    BTW, weren't you working on a site?

    • You know, I seem to remember something about some type of site he was working on... I mst have a bad memory from all the drugs. :)
  • I'm all out there [] with my corrections.
  • If you are interested. shattoc at (ignore this) gmail.
  • Usually an offer is more than I make (but nothing drastically more... maybe 15% more a year at most).

    I am probably preaching to the choir here, or I probably misunderstood what you were saying, but just in case:

    You have been very fortunate. In general, a contractor starting as a member of staff receives a lesser pay offer. Most contractors must maintain their own insurance, equipment, licenses, etc. and consequently have additional expenses written in the contract to compensate. The attractiveness to
    • You are correct when speaking of an independent contractor. However, I am employed by a consulting firm. They take care of my benefits, and I'm paid a regular salary (the advantage is that I still get paid if I'm not currently at a client). So I am getting a salary similar to the employed jobs I am contracting at.

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