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Comment: Poetry says ReadMe ... (Score 1) 31

by Forget4it (#47529427) Attached to: Poetry For Sysadmins: Shall I Compare Thee To a Lumbering Bear?

+ Like most public domain distributions this package contains a README.
+ Unlike those packages, this one contains ***only*** a README.

  • I write therefore you are reading;
    else you are reading then someone has been writing;
    I am that someone;
    I am a literature machine;


Comment: Re:Cold warriors (Score 3, Interesting) 149

by Forget4it (#45547633) Attached to: Death and the NSA: A Q&A With Bruce Schneier

The intelligence community ... was made as an conventional army fighting another conventional army (the GRU and KGB) and the sigint operations was hand-tailored to this kind of war. But what has happened since is that the enemy has changed.

It's like the immune system gone into overdrive attacking its own body - c.f. Aids.

Even bytes get lonely for a little bit.