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by Forget4it (#45547633) Attached to: Death and the NSA: A Q&A With Bruce Schneier

The intelligence community ... was made as an conventional army fighting another conventional army (the GRU and KGB) and the sigint operations was hand-tailored to this kind of war. But what has happened since is that the enemy has changed.

It's like the immune system gone into overdrive attacking its own body - c.f. Aids.

Comment: BBC audio on this (Score 1) 536

by Forget4it (#43234291) Attached to: Declassified LBJ Tapes Accuse Richard Nixon of Treason
Listen also here (til Saturday):

Twenty years ago, Charles Wheeler and David Taylor, his Washington based producer, were told that Richard Nixon had secretly sabotaged the Vietnamese peace talks in the autumn of 1968, to continue the war and ultimately strengthen his chances of claiming the presidency. It was an act of political espionage that cost thousands of American lives. Back in 1994, Wheeler and Taylor conducted their own investigation, tracking down those involved to piece the story together. Then they waited for the classified material to be released to confirm one of the greatest acts of political subterfuge in American history. Charles Wheeler died in 2008, before the release of key White House tapes relating to the affair. Now, using these newly released recordings, as well as many of the interviews they recorded at the time, David Taylor pieces together this intriguing story.

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Well said mpoulton

John Gribbin several decades ago made a point of not mistaking the uncertainty principle a measurement problem in his book In Search Of Schrodingers Cat>
QUOTE: from Chap 8.

These startling conclusions were published in the Zeitschrift fur Physik in 1927, but while theorists such as Dirac and Bohr, familiar with the new equations of quantum mechanics, appreciated their significance at once, many experimenters saw Heisenberg's claim as a challenge to their skills. They imagined that he was saying that their experiments weren't good enough to measure both position and momentum at the same time, and tried to conceive experiments to prove him wrong. But this was a futile aim, since that wasn't what he had said at all.
This misconception still arises today, partly because of the way the idea of uncertainty is often taught.

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tells us that Bayesian inference with probabilistic population codes works best if the two channels/ two brains are spiking with a Poisson distribution.

Talking about bable fish ... didn't Zaphod Beeblebrox think like that too.

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