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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Who has the wealthiest name.

Forge writes: "Who has the wealthiest name.

Alan Greenspan (Fed Chairman)
Johny Cash (Country Singer)
Chris Moneymaker (Poker Star)
Don Banks (Former governor Bank of Jamaica)
Credit Card Neil (Slashdot CFO)"

Submission + - Cable Management Done Right

An Ominous Cow Herd writes: "There is a story over at oreillynet. It also links to a before and after photoshoot at Tech Republic that ends in some shots that would should inspire lust in most Slashdoters. Cable Management is one of those art forms that all sysadmins should understand at some level. This is a good place to start.

From the article -: Cabling is an artform. You need good tools, supplies, patience, and above all, discipline. You can't just wire up a new server room and leave it at that. Because sooner or later the quality starts to fade. Somebody will use the wrong color cable, or they'll run a patch in between cabinets for a temporary job. Then in a year, what started out as a nice setup has turned into an unmanagable mess."

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