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Comment To avoid a John Q scenario (Score 1) 155

If I wonder why calls to repeal US Medicaid entirely were not more widespread, even prior to the ACA. Perhaps the answer is that some level of government services, such as guaranteed health insurance, reduces the rate of violent crime to obtain those services by force. (Citation: the film John Q.)

Comment Did someone just admit to tax evasion? (Score 0) 32

Aside from the cost of gas and sales tax probably eating your savings on shipping

Gas perhaps, unless it's a trip you already made for another reason. Sales tax no, unless you're ordering from a dealer that has no nexus in your state and committing tax evasion in the use tax field of your tax return.

Besides which, if you planned your deployment thoroughly, instead of buying it piecemeal, you'd probably be over the $35 threshold anyway.

"Planning? In my home?" It's less likely than you think.

Comment quote from the cryptography expert (Score 1) 66

Here's a quote from the cryptography expert:

Though Blum is an expert in cryptography, he's not particularly worried about privacy. "I find the fact that cameras are everywhere is helpful," he said, citing the example of the Boston Marathon bombers. "It's wonderful that you can find pictures and know who they are."

Comment Re:brinksmanship. (Score 1) 128

before wondering why we led the world in citizens incarcerated.

I've never heard anyone wonder that. The only time I've heard that kind of statistic brought up, it's in the middle of some text explaining exactly why we are so bad, and usually includes what we need to do to fix it.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1, Interesting) 128

Oh bla bla bla. You are just rationalizing the absurd.

Yes, it is absurd that people become violent and crazy, and they do things like hold hostages or grab kids or attack people, or force stand-offs. If people wouldn't do absurd crap like that, then the absurd crap like that they do wouldn't happen right in front of us every week. The fact that you're pretending it doesn't happen is curious though. What do you think that achieves? It's an odd personality quirk, at least.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure the interconnect bus is not the (Score 1) 101

A lot of this has to do with carrier certification

Why would an individual carrier, not the governing body of GSM, UMTS, and LTE, need to certify individual phones?

for the combinations of components, which go up by a power of two for each ne possible module you can plug in.

And why would they have to certify anything but the radio module?

Comment Health insurance (Score 1) 155

Increased health insurance premiums also cause problems for others, especially if a nationwide health care law forbids insurers to deny coverage for preexisting emphysema or preexisting nicotine dependence, and especially if the law includes a subsidy for people with an income in or near poverty to buy insurance.

Comment Re:So... (Score -1) 128

You really stand tall for all this authoritarian shit

I see. So if one of YOUR family members is being held or threatened by some loon, you'd rather that member of your family get hurt than the cops use a taser to subdue the person who's the problem? Or would you rather they use lethal force? Or would you rather they simply walk away so that nobody can accuse them of being "authoritarian," using any sort of force against a person who, after all, hasn't yet killed your family member, he's just promising to if anyone comes close to him.

You don't actually understand what "authoritarian" means, do you?

Comment Deterrent tax (Score 1) 155

it is his problem regardless of if he even owns a dog. In which case, why limit the tax to dog owners?

Tax the people who cause the problem for others in order to encourage them to stop causing the problem for others. It's the same reason tobacco is taxed, as cigar and cigarette smoke causes medical problems for others. It's also the same reason motor fuel is taxed, as tailpipe emissions cause medical problems for cyclists and EV drivers, and road wear causes unevenness problems for cyclists and EV drivers.

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