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Comment Re:The only weight loss plan that works (Score 1) 425

Wait, is there any nutritional content that gets lost through sweat?

I mean, I ate 3000kcal worth of food, shat out 1000kcal worth of shit, that would mean I acquired 2000kcal of energy which I either burned through activity or accumulated in fat or blood sugar.

Or do you imply, if I in the meantime, sweated out 500ml of sweat, if we dehydrate that sweat, what is left can be burned for any reasonable amount of calories?

Comment Re:Did anyone actually read the articles? (Score 1) 432

Did anyone read this article? []. "Geoff Marcy ....

Yep. Summary: famous astronomer resigns because a few people accused him of stuff. Like one guy says he saw him rubbing a girls shoulders. Scary stuff.

Or how about this one? [] "Results from a recent AAS survey ...

Yep. Summary: Incredibly low number of people in astronomy say that at some point in their lives they've heard a co-worker or superior say something sexist. Actual rates of sexual harassment remain unknown because the survey focused on compiling superficially scary sounding numbers rather than useful information.

Comment Re:-1 Self-Refuting (Score 1) 432

You can't claim that all of this stuff is so unusual that it is newsworthy and then a paragraph afterwards say that it's so common that men everywhere are actively avoiding women. Pick a story and stick to it.

He didn't say it was common, and it doesn't have to be common. Our fear of something is a combination of both the likelihood of occurrence and the extent of possible harm were it to occur. Parents are constantly telling their children not to talk to strangers, and we have a whole system of procedures which kick in when a child goes missing, even though actual kidnappings by strangers are incredibly rare.

Employees know that a harassment complaint can ruin a good working environment, as well as result in the termination of an otherwise promising career. Employers know it can cost them millions of dollars. Everyone is worried about it, even if it's not particularly common. Basically, at this point, having female employees is an unnecessary risk with severe repercussions and no tangible benefits.

Comment I wonder about dog's teeth. (Score 3, Interesting) 63

Recently mother, extremely unnerved, called me - claiming her dog brought a dud firework home and it exploded, nearly causing a fire.

Later it was revealed it was not a firework. The dog stole a Li-Ion battery for my phone from my room. Biting into it shorted it, and the battery exploded hard, shooting ribbons of burning lithium all around like a true firework.

So... would this new invention prevent it?

Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

Actually, incorrect. While some awards (e.g. the Bronze Star, Medal of Honor) are given for unusual behavior (e.g. heroism), the military has the worlds' original badge system. There are badges for everything.

This is true as long as you're speaking about the US military. It seems like you guys get 9 medals before even completing basic. The same cannot be said for other countries. Most Commonwealth nations are much more stingy with medals - if you end up with 5 or 6 in your whole career, you've done well.

Comment Re:A psycological issue? (Score 1) 373

The atmosphere does great most of the deceleration, including slowing the lateral speed. You only need to slow down enough not to burn up, and that is an engineering issue - especially that it's only 1.6km/s vs Soyuz's 8km/s. Energy proportional to square of velocity, Soyuz kinetic energy despite being so much lighter is still 6 times higher, and concentrated in a much smaller package - lesser radiation/absorption/conduction area. I also believe in that phase a classic parachute would be a mistake; instead it should be a kind of a solid metal airbrake/heatshield discarded once it overheats.

As for cutting the chute, it starts falling in a semi-chaotic fashion (still somewhat weighed down with whatever clamp was holding it to the rocket, but no longer burdened by the many tons of the rocket), at something like 5m/s. Meanwhile the rocket quickly drops to the landing pad and finishes the landing before the chute reaches it (and needs to be extremely unlucky to tangle into it once it falls, I mean, wind direction reversing or something like that...)

Comment Re: Okay... (Score 1) 119

Layer 1: RPi runs Linux. Good luck with the exe.
Layer 2. RPi comes without any internal storage to install this on. They'd need to include it in SD images
Layer 3. RPi is a tinkerer's machine, the malware wouldn't survive a day.
Layer 4: "The exe creates a desktop shortcut to our website" - you need .exe for that?
Layer 5: even if it does - most RPis are run headless. And many of these with screens run without network ...there are more if you think about it.

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