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Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 688

He also says he had to install a 240V socket it in his garage because apparently though you can charge it on 120V in a pinch, apparently it can cause damage to the batteries. That's according to Nissan.

I have never heard this and am considering a Leaf (time frame is next year). I was planning to 120v charge so I did a little googling and still can't find it. Not saying it's incorrect, but it seems odd I haven't heard of it. I actually heard rumors of the opposite... fast charging was worse.

Comment Re:It is Atom from github (Score 1) 72

Adopting.... yeah right. More like embracing and extending. According to the handy dandy MS handbook, the next step is extinguish. I'm not sure what the real agenda is yet but TypeScript and .NET seem to be their weapons of choice. Hey, if they can develop some great products and compete without reaching for the monopoly hammer, I'm all for it. However, history has shown that MS uses their monopolistic position to eliminate competition and then sit on a the sub-par product for years.

Comment Re:Desalination plants cost a lot to operate (Score 2) 678

SoCal could solve the "water crisis" today if they stopped watering all their fucking lawns.

I'm surprised that after all this time people still have this misconception. Lawn watering is just part of that little 4% sliver at the bottom. Farming uses the vast majority of water.

Comment Re: Tabs vs Spaces (Score 4, Insightful) 428

This debate only happened because some programmers stopped thinking about the indentation abstraction. You shouldn't be thinking in terms of spaces vs tabs. Instead you should be thinking in levels of indentation for blocks. Indentation is not some technique to make your code look pretty, it's there to show a clear separation of logic, loops, blocks etc. Code is art, just not Ascii art. One keystroke per indentation is the simplest and most efficient.

Comment Unity + (JavaScript | Boo | C#) (Score 1) 158

I wonder if the Unity + (JavaScript | Boo | C#) combination would produce better results and in less time. The nice thing about using Unity is that you will eventually be able to run the apps in a browser without a plugin.

Comment Coercion Free (Score 3, Informative) 54

The only way to direct a FOSS project is to contribute to it, whether it's time or money. It cannot be directed by force. It is an anarchy. There are no rulers to force anyone to do anything. If we could just get our governments to work the same way, we'd all be better off.

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