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Comment: You are complaining about a lack of information. (Score 2) 238

by feepness (#44457341) Attached to: How Did My Stratosphere Ever Get Shipped?
Yet you used a completely new product from before the release, if I understand correctly from the release date of the Stratosphere 2 (Nov 2012).

For both video games and phones and indeed any complicated piece of hardware one must wait. This is a hard learned lesson for me as well. I played Skyrim without bugs... six months after it was released. I've skipped other games and phones entirely. Markets are not instant feedback devices that make every product perfect, they are feedback devices that tell us which products are best.

There are some problems that markets can't fix... monopoly, regulatory capture, etc... Buying complicated technology without waiting for early adopters to pay the break-in price is another one of them.

Comment: Re:It depends. (Score 1) 303

by feepness (#44205155) Attached to: Why Protesters In Cairo Use Laser Pointers
If Obama woke up tomorrow and ordered that all Tea Party members be arrested, I would expect our military to essentially remove him from office - in the immediate case by ignoring him, and in the longer case by Congress impeaching him and removing him from office - which would still require the cooperation of the military (they'd have to decide to listen to Congress and not the President.)

This is what Abraham Lincoln did and he is considered a hero.

Comment: Re:It's Bill Hicks with the puppets all over again (Score 1) 509

by feepness (#43979097) Attached to: Sony's PS4 To Have Less Stringent DRM Than Microsoft's Xbox One
1) The recession ended in 2009.
2) Consoles are far simpler to setup and use, and will look nicer than nearly any build.
3) There are unique functions to each of the input devices on these consoles.
4) There are unique sharing/community functions that will operate across every game on the platform.

PCs do have their advantages (upgradeable power/mods), but consoles also have theirs. Pretending they don't is fanboi-ism.

Comment: Re:Then do what I did. (Score 1) 509

by feepness (#43979023) Attached to: Sony's PS4 To Have Less Stringent DRM Than Microsoft's Xbox One
You can, but by definition if everyone does as you then you will not have any games in the used/bargain bin five years from now for any system or even the PC.

Keep your mouth shut. I wait because the first round of buyers are beta testers nowadays, but I don't blab about it. Oh crap!

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