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Comment Re:Honest question.. (Score 1) 123

People complain about taxi's denying riders because they are only taking short trips that aren't worth it..

Who complains about that? Shorter trips are more profitable for cabs because of the "flag drop" fee.

Red herring.

How does Uber encourage drivers to take less profitable fares? What keeps Uber drivers from flocking to an area where they make more fare and totally ignoring areas where the fare is lower?

Nothing prevents this. It's free association and supply and demand. Have you seen anyone actually complaining about Uber drivers ignoring certain areas though? I've never heard of that. The only complaints I ever hear about Uber are about them skirting the corrupt taxi laws and about them treating drivers as contractors instead of employees; I have never heard of any actual usage complaints from paying customers, unlike with taxis.

Comment Re:I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits. (Score 1) 123

So what's the problem with that? It's allowing them to make ends meet; is that a bad thing?

When (if?) the economy improves, and the supply of drivers for Uber dries up, prices will rise so they can get more drivers. This is normal for many things when the economy improves.

What's the problem?

Comment Re:I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits. (Score 1) 123

...I would probably choose the regular taxi. In my country at least. In a different country I'd have to weigh whether I'd trust the country's (public) regulations on the taxi industry more than Uber's (private) 'regulations' of its drivers.

A lot of the strong feelings, on both sides, here seems to be from Americans. I'm an American and have used both; the problem here is that there is not a single taxi in this country of 310M people which is a "generally very clean, very recent Mercedes Benz", or anything close to it. At best, you might get a reasonably clean Prius in some cities, more likely you're going to get some old POS, probably a 25-year-old Ford Crown Victoria that used to be a police cruiser and which rides like shit and reeks of smoke.

Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits (Score 1) 123

"Stuffed with grease"? Do you know anything about modern cars at all? You can't add grease to steering or suspension components; zerks disappeared decades ago.

You act like cabs are specially-built vehicles. They're not (the old Checker cabs have all been removed from service); they're just regular cars painted yellow (and only in some locales) with a taximeter slapped in.

If a vehicle is falling apart, you can tell pretty quickly. Most cabs I've ridden in are like this: brakes squeal, inside is dirty, etc. In the Uber cars I've used, they're in pristine shape.

And have you never heard of a state inspection? Maybe your shitty state doesn't have them, but my state requires every car to be safety inspected every year.

Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefit (Score 1) 123

Yeah, these Uber-haters are making me want to vote Republican.

Except that the Republicans are the ones pushing and defending laws to ban automakers from selling direct to customers, because they hate Tesla and love the stealerships.

It's weird how the Democrats are the statists when it comes to taxis, yet are all for the free market when it comes to electric car sales, and vice-versa for the Republicans.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 2) 510

Sure they are. Otherwise, you don't have a populace that can freely participate in democracy. If any form of heresy is tolerable, then the powers that be can just redefine it in a way that suits them.

The whole effort is naieve.

The problem with the Nazis is not that they "said things" but that they "did things" which should have been prosecuted as crimes when they happened.

Comment Re:"quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score 1) 131

They're not going to survive getting dropped onto a pile of rocks without getting scratched up at the very least. IIRC, IP68 is just about weatherproofing. That's great, it won't get ruined if it gets a little wet, or maybe even dropped in the pool. But getting dropped onto concrete is a different matter. An Otterbox case handles that stuff.

Also, IP68 doesn't help you with battery life. There's been way too much of a trend lately towards super-slim phones. Everyone except the Apple cultists is screaming for bigger batteries, not a slimmer phone. I don't give a shit if my phone weighs 1 gram more, I want more battery life.

Comment Re: The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 410

It doesn't make sense any more because it's only raw PCM data, with no metadata, and no compression at all. This isn't 1990 any more; there's no reason you can't use compression as far as CPU/hardware resources go, and it doesn't even cost anything since the FLAC codec is FOSS. Just include the library and you're done, there's nothing to it from a development standpoint.

I guess if you're using an 8-bit PIC to play music for some crazy reason, WAV would make sense, but for any real consumer product, it just doesn't.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 593

Nothing that Poettering is doing now addresses "The problem".

That's any of the usual FUD that are claimed to be problems for actual consumer end users. That is perhaps the single most frustrating aspect of his current nonsense. He's insisted on making sweeping changes to the parts that don't need fixing and are the least relevant to "the problem".

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 249

>> The answer is, they were unable to prove that the sex was not consensual. That's not quite the same as saying that the sex was consensual.

> In MRA-land, they're identical.

The presumption of innocence isn't just a "bad idea from MRA-land", it also happens to be the law.

Comment Re: It's not about the crime (Score 1) 249

...except this isn't "English", this is law including little things called rights and criminal liability.

If you aren't a full adult, then you're just another variation on the underclasses. What's sadder still is that some people are enthusiastic to go along with that kind of crap.

People are considered "children" and "protected", except when they aren't. People are considered "adult" and granted full rights, except when they aren't.

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