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Journal Journal: Slashdot WAP (was) broken

Gah, sdwap was broken for god knows how long.
I had forgot to enable sending of proper wap/wml headers after doing some tweaking. Sorry about that.
Also, it was down alltogether for a period after reinstalling my server.

Instructions and stuff at the usual place.


Journal Journal: New release of Slashdot for Mobile phones (sdwap) changed their formatting. Therefore, I needed to rewrite the regular expression which extracts the content of the article. Also added 'The Dept' at the beginning of the article. Some changes to client detection too. Can't remember what I have changed since last release, and too lazy to diff :P

You can access it by pointing your wap phone to:

The source and changelog can be found at:


Journal Journal: Slashdot WAP 1.1 Released

I finally got around and updated my Slashdot WAP converter.
Now there is no need to use Googles html2wml translator anymore, albeit it is an option. Many thanks to Andrew Blyler. He coded and mailed me the original script which grabs the content of an article.
I pretty much rewrited it for my taste. Based on my personal experiences, it does very good job at finding the right section.

For more info, go to:

Or just access the system with your wap phone at:

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