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Comment: What to expect? (Score 1) 545

by FithisUX (#47927065) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9
Windows 9 changelog New and exciting in this release -IE replaced with Firefox -Notepad replaced with notepad2 (please use Notepad++ for power users) -Office is deprecated, consider switching to Libreoffice -cmd is deprecated, to be removed in a future release. Please consider using Conemu -7-zip is the default for archive handling -A new POSIX subsystem to gradually replace win32 crap 100% compatible with cygwin. Cygwin is expected to fly performanwise. -Process hacker has replaced windows system monitor. - Visual studio for other languages other than D is deprecated. A new release throws away all the crap, make the Shell thin and usable with D. -C# is deprecated, use D (not Java, they are competitors). We will re-introduce C# through mono. We failed. -Gnu guix is supported -If you want to use C/C++ consider moving to mingw. We have already moved. -Get your updates faster through portable apps. -Paint is here to stay -Windows media player leaves. VLC is the default player. -SEH patents have expired. Who cares, new in this release DWARF-3. -The GatesBot will build latest versions of over 1000 FOSS apps/libraries nightly for your pleasure. Get them through msys2. -We love FOSS, we have more recent versions than Linux distros. Have a nice day.

Comment: Open Drivers (Score 2) 64

by FithisUX (#47339423) Attached to: Why The Korean Government Could Go Open Source By 2020
Open Source will thrive when documents mandate that every device must be accompanied by a document describing how this will be programmed. In other way you buy an NVIDIA card or an smart phone and you get a PDF that gives detailed specification of how software can use the device (not how it is manufactured) to get the advertised functionality. this should extended to all sub-components that interact with the software. Using undocumented functionality should be illegal since it is a means to provide illegal competitive advantage. No blobs.

Comment: Frightening (Score 1) 230

by FithisUX (#47100121) Attached to: The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net
I wonder about all these papers claiming fantastic performance with neural nets. This paper makes me wonder about the perturbation invariance of neural networks. The question is how much perturbation is tolerated? Yes, one can perturb a cat image but how much perturbation leaves the concept of cat invariant is another question. This is a fundamental symmetry. In any case this paper is very big news. Maybe the inherent problem is that neural networks do not approximate smooth, rather than measurable/continuous functions.

Comment: Re:I find it interesting (Score 2) 223

by FithisUX (#46259841) Attached to: Plan 9 From Bell Labs Operating System Now Available Under GPLv2
highly interactive hardware -> you mean NVIDIA ATI hardware? They do not comply to any specification like USB mass storage which can be provided as a file. A graphics card !IS! a file , the crap by vendors is not a GFX card. The systems you talk about, are co-processors. So they are not per-se files. But with some engineering from the part of vendors you can view them generally as files, one for each co-processor. Then you upload VM-images through this file and create dynamic files (endpoints) for RPC between host and each VM. The problem is that you cannot buy a graphics card (like a PCI / USB adapter) . You buy a GFX fused with a co-processor integrated in a very strange proprietary manner. I do not defend the paradigm, like pthreads it has standed the test of time. Vendors are morons.

Comment: Mingw builds (Score 1) 118

by FithisUX (#45894111) Attached to: LLVM and Clang 3.4 Are Out
They seem to have stopped mingw builds and focus on clang-cl on windows. The problem is that you need the Windows SDK. With most other open source / free compilers this is not necessary. Personally I use mingw in both of its incarnations and the problem is that I cannot download a ready made binary. clang-cl is unusable without windows sdk. It is not compatible with lcc,pelles,openwatcom,digital mars c SDKs.

Comment: I choose VP9 (Score 1) 255

by FithisUX (#45863959) Attached to: YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES
I am on a national project requiring to stream opengl framebuffers. I had to replace the old slow system with a new one that does not need a special decoder. Guess what I used. VP9 through gstreamer and it plays nicely with FF/Chrome. However if I have time i will convert it to the SDK provided by Google mainly as a personal project.

Comment: Re:YouTube (Score 1) 129

by FithisUX (#45649471) Attached to: Firefox Gains Support for VP9 Video Codec
Native graphic card decoder is an inflexible design. OpenCL is a flexible standard. You can accelerate new codecs on it. You don't have to wait for a new card. And in principle it means one less proprietary driver. Please stop this graphics card argument argument. The GFX thing is anti-competitive. Actually it should be a math-coprocessor. The display should be handled by another device, eg a framebuffer card that interfaces to and reports capabilites of the monitors. Something like USB/Firewire/Soundblaster extension card. The co-processor is just another device sitting on the bus which could accelerate opengl,openal or openvg or you could not buy it but instead rely on the CPU to do the hard work. But you could still interface to the monitor in standards compliant manner.

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