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Comment: A new target for blobs (Score 1) 86 86

" But what would that mean, and what other big next steps are there?" Step 1. Quantum blobs for drivers. Step 2. Quantum NDA for quantum driver development. Step 3. Quantum blobby firmware that you can use from their quantum app center only. Step 4. Quantum secure boot. You cannot install quantum linux on this quantum computer, quantum corporates are quantum mechanically holding you from your quantum .... Step 5. Stallman dies accidentally in a Schroedinger quantum experiment because he tried to persuade people that FOSS has the same power to liberate people in both classical and quantum reality.

Comment: Some corrections... (Score 0) 386 386

Who have heard of Cyclone? -> Rust is Cyclone Who have heard of Vala? -> The Gnome developers? As far as Limbo/BitC they are academic attempt. One more correction. The article talks about C++ and comes into conclusion that C++ is the best. If you follow the logic you can safely assume that C11 is the best language ever. It is even better than C++ because you can write code in C call it from D, export a C header for the DLL and call it from Go. Can you do it in C++ without wrappers? Mine is bigger than yours. Moreover there are more compilers for C than C++.

Comment: Re: Valve needs to use their clout (Score 1) 309 309

I do scientific visualization and I bet hard on open source. Nvidia attitude makes me always buy Intel. When opengl is a problem I use mesa even on windows. Qt5 with its new 3d stack will justify my shopping list. Hopefully we will see oss gfx cards just like USB/PCI cards that need no blobs.

Comment: He did this to GNUstep as well.... (Score 1) 551 551

In this case he was right. Apple goes away from ObjC. If resources were poured on GNUStep + Clang the whole project would be perished at Apple's will (see Swift). If you want my 2 Cents, re-write it to D. GCC has a D frontend. ObjC development is too costly to invest your limited resources. Apple is a corporate, they do whatever they need to get money even if they choose to betray the 3rd party developers. However by porting to D I see bright future. C is not an option because the resources are limited.

Comment: Code generation (Score 1) 492 492

FPC (this is what I have the money to buy) is a good target for code generation. FPC people need a nimrod for Pascal that extends (and not substitutes) the syntax of FPC so that valid pascal is valid pascal-nimrod. In this language they could add functional features. FPC as it is has nothing more to offer to programming. Even if I find C a low level language, I believe it is very good. Nimrod guys seem to have the same opinion.

Comment: D is underrated (Score 1) 386 386

it is definitely better than c++ for my use cases, but it needs a Boost port. However as with C/Freebasic/C++ it should offer a better type system I cannot understand why void print(MyObject obj){ writeln(obj.myStringRepresntation); } does not make the compiler complaint that MyObjeect should be marked as const in the signature Of course type inference should have a way to see that writeln is const (the define it) Even if writeln is unsafe, the user could put an annotation on the signature @trust void writeln(const T){ //asm code } and one could infer that print should mark MyObject as const. D is a good language, but it needs more love.

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