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by FireFly9 (#28602669) Attached to: Google Will Star In New Dow Jones News Model
It's very rare and hard to find! So much journalism today is to the left or to the right, they like to put there own spin on the news!! Therefore its not "high-quality" journalism. News is suppose to be free, NEVER EVER paid for!!! But in the meantime, Andrew Keen, "futue te ipsum" that's Latin for - You go fuck yourself!!!!!!!

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by FireFly9 (#27934245) Attached to: Man Arrested For Taking Photo of Open ATM
It's all good but one thing! Cops can't invent charges!! They have to follow city criminal code, the charges have to be documented on paper. It's the prosecuter's job to decide which charge(s) are going to be enforced. If the charges were just invented the legal system would have no validity. Not that is has a lot now!!!
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+ - Why Google is the New Pirate Bay 1

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explosivejared writes "Forbes is running a story discussing the verdict in the Pirate Bay case and its implications on file sharing, specifically with regard to Google. The article points out what most on /. already realize: Google provides essentially the same service that the Pirate Bay does. The Pirate Bay case may be far from over, accounting for appeals, but the Pirate Bay's assumption of being unchallengeable was shattered. The article raises the question of whether or not Google is untouchable in the matter. The story is quick to point out how the situation resembles a futile game of cat mouse, but given how the Pirate Bay's confidence was ultimately broken, is Google untouchable?"

+ - Strong web passwords are a waste of time

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An anonymous reader writes "Team from Microsoft claims that forcing users to choose strong passwords is a waste: "Why require stronger web passwords when: 1. The strength of the password offers no defence against phishing, keylogging or other password stealing mechanisms 2. Even a 6 digit PIN yields about a 1% probability of success to 10 years of brute-force attack, so long as there is a lockout policy? [In choosing weak passwords we] argue that users show considerable wisdom from a cost benefit standpoint: choosing a strong password generates very little benefit to a user, but it does carry considerable cost. There is little benefit since phishing and keylogging are the main threats to a user's password and even a weak password will withstand ten years of sustained brute-force attack. There is cost because strong passwords are harder to remember than weak ones, and users have many passwords to remember.""

+ - Cracking PINs on Bank Cards->

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An anonymous reader writes "Cybercriminals have cracked the PINs used with bank cards. Although the article in unclear as to whether it is simply a HSM misconfiguration issue, or a true crack, the millions of dollars already taken are a disturbing development."
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