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Comment: Squid, squidGuard, and Google Safety Tools (Score 1) 646

We use Squid proxy with squidGuard. We use the squidGuard blacklists from (which is a combination of two upstream sources).

Additionally, we use Google's safety tools for general searching and YouTube. For a browser, we use Firefox with Adblock Plus (as I've been too lazy to ween them off that in favor of Chrome with similar extensions).

As we use Macs, I have the kids' own mac mini as the proxy server. It's an old mac mini (circa 2007?), but works just fine for the kids' browsing habits. I've had to view the proxy logs as we suspected my 5 year-old hit a questionable site (he didn't), so having the proxy logs is useful.

Also, since they have a dearth of in-the-wild spyware exploits and viruses as compared to Windows, using Macs helps.

Comment: Re:Why it took so long (Score 1) 184

by Figec (#36718560) Attached to: CentOS Linux 6.0 Released

While the length of time it took to get 5.6 and 6.0 out the door was a little troubling, CentOS still fills a very important and specific need for large enterprises such as for which I'm responsible. I agree with Digimer that CentOS is the closest thing to RHEL, and that is extremely important in an enterprise. Having 100% ABI/API compatibility in-between releases is what truly defines an enterprise distribution and that, along with 100% compatibility with RHEL, is what CentOS has not failed to deliver for our organization. Scientific Linux, while polished, may not be able to do this (we're still looking at it with a critical eye).

Ensuring our developers that their code will work between CentOS and RHEL saves a lot of man power (read: MONEY). Not that it doesn't mean we don't perform due-diligence, but it means that due-diligence is not unnecessarily weighed down by FUD.

My only concern at this point is getting security errata out of CentOS in a timely fashion. It hasn't been a show stopper yet, but it is something I've been watching.

Comment: Re:first to orbit, but first up? (Score 1) 124

by Figec (#35798890) Attached to: Celebrating Yuri Gagarin's 1961 Flight Into Space

I believe the Lost Cosmonaut folklore to have some truth to it as someone I know and trust who grow up in the Soviet Union has related to me how he vividly recalls an episode where a classmate lost his Cosmonaut dad to a failed space shot, and that this event was covered up and kept quiet.

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Virtual Currency Becomes Real In South Korea 203

Posted by Soulskill
from the license-to-print-money dept.
garylian writes "Massively is reporting that the South Korean Supreme Court has stated that virtual currency is the equivalent of real-world money. For those of you who might not be drawing the link, the core there is that selling in-game currency for real money is essentially just an exchange of currency and perfectly legal in South Korea. This could have sweeping implications for RMT operations the world over, not to mention free-to-play games and... well, online games in general. The official story is available online from JoongAng Daily."

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