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Comment Re:Not an Infraction (Score 1) 748

A computer can understand a situation and react faster than a human (potentially). So these possibilities can be valid outs for a computerized car. Car see's it's about to be hit from the rear, can analyze cross traffic and make the decision to just 'go'.

Hell, if we could all drive computer controlled cars we wouldn't have a need for stop lights, the traffic could negotiate itself.

Comment Re:Not an Infraction (Score 2) 748

You obviously have not taken a motorcycle training course. They will teach you these strategies.

For example, when coming to a stop you never just downshift to first, you down shift with the speed as you slow down. This allows you to quickly start moving again if you are about to be rear ended.

If you are traveling quickly and someone slams on their breaks, the correct answer is often not to panic stop, but to use the bikes agility to quickly move out of the way. I've had a situation once where I was at a light and I noticed a truck coming up behind me quickly. My quick action of getting on the throttle and blowing that light saved me when the truck didn't stop for the light.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1, Interesting) 200

I used to be 100% linux. I was the lead engineer for an environment that had 300 linux vms, oversaw the move from Debian to RHEL, and generally just couldn't imagine using windows.

Now I manage a windows environment. It's all 2012R2 and with server manager, core/minimal, DSC, and powershell. I honestly really enjoy it and find it to be a perfectly fine solution. I'm as happy now as I was and I run a surface 3 pro with a dock and dual displays and manage about 200 windows vms.

Comment Re:Another reason to ban rifles (Score 2) 1134

Look, my state wants to make cold medicine prescription only. They want to do this to fight meth. Yet almost no meth today is made with cold medicine. Cold medicine is almost always bought by legal users who will never make meth. Most meth now is made by bulk chemicals brought into this country from mexico. It's easier to work with, cheaper, and less risk.

The same can be said about guns. Most users are legal and will never use their gun in a crime. Mass shoots are rare and just like drugs, if we make them illegal the users will find other means of getting their insanity in action. The only thing taking away guns will do is hurt the legal owners of guns. It will not deter crime, mass shootings, or anything else. The only way this could even start to work is if we could find a way to collect all our existing guns. In my state alone that would be impossible as there are no records of gun owners from person to person sales.

The answer here imho is to enforce existing gun laws, improve the background check process to include databases for mental illness, create a federal universal standard for CCW that is accepted in all 50 states (My state for example requires no tests, just some cash and fingerprints), and remove restrictions on conceal carry. You ever notice most mass shootings are at places and events where it is illegal to carry a gun?

Lastly, if Australian gun laws are really something the country wants to do we better start working on a constitutional amendment. Without changing the constitution any attempt at this will fail.

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