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by FictionPimp (#48113965) Attached to: CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

Let's face it, grid based layouts are tables and if all websites were static html, then html tables would suit us just fine. If we didn't want to cater to people with disabilities or screne readers then again, tables were fine.

It's a lot easier to replace, remove, or add a class on a article or div with javascript then to try to reflow a html table based layout (like when you go mobile and turn that 3 column layout into a single column. . It's a lot easier to parse the html to do something with it (like screen read) if you don't have a bunch of junk spacer images, tr's and tds, cluttering up the mix.

I wouldn't be opposed to something better than css, but I still think css layout is better than html table layout.

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You've just demonstrated your own stupidity for all to see. Skeleton does not use javascript.

In fact,

From the website you will see this nice changelog

V1.2 (6/20/2012): Pruning Skeleton down to some more bare bones :)
Remove tabs and all JS

Boostrap does use javascript, but not for the grid layout portion of boostrap. It uses it for all the other shit boostrap does. I picked these two examples because I feel the represent the two most popular, but there are dozens if not hundreds of projects out there that solve this problem. Many do not use javascript.

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But it still a fluid grid based layout that is all CSS and works in all modern browsers. It's easy to use, flexible, and looks great on a mobile device or a 27 inch display (if you have good artistic sense).

While it would be nice to more support for css grid, this does the job today and works wonderfully with dozens of prebuilt css files out there to start from (some even using tools like less to make modification that much easier).

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Using a fluid grid based css layout is faster, easier to write/understand/support, and a hell of a lot cleaner than tables. Having done web development for the last decade I have to say that tables for layout was a pain in the ass and a bad hack at best.

With html5/css3 almost all of your concerns are gone. In fact you can download a nice fluid grid based template in a second that can cut your table based layout development time into a 5th.

Check out or even the often overused

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Don't waste the money on 5ghz. Unless you live in an apartment with a crowded 2.4ghz spectrum. Just buy the 2.4 wireless N model.

I have 2 of those (1 per floor of my house) and the ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (in my basement). Everything connected to a cheap switch. Every inch of my house has perfect signal and the product is rock solid. I also have a PicoStation ( ) on my deck to provide great coverage in my back yard.

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