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Comment: Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

Exactly! I do contract work at $150 an hour. So any time I have to myself either has to be fun and enjoyable, or save me more than my $150 an hour rate. If it takes an hour to do and someone can do it for me for $50 bucks, then I'm going to pay for it. Not because I don't know how, but because I'd rather use that time doing something enjoyable.

Speaking of this, anyone have a service for going clothes shopping with your wife?

Comment: Re:I don't care what the user has at home (Score 1) 241

by FictionPimp (#48599845) Attached to: Is Enterprise IT More Difficult To Manage Now Than Ever?

I know that. I was apparently not clear.

I have two choices.

1) Carry around my personal cell phone (nexus 5) and a blackberry that is 5+ years old (for work email).
2) Carry around my personal cell phone, and check my email via webmail because my boss will not allow activesync on personal devices.
3) Find a new job.

3 was a good answer.

Comment: Re:I don't care what the user has at home (Score 1) 241

by FictionPimp (#48585213) Attached to: Is Enterprise IT More Difficult To Manage Now Than Ever?

Imagine being a project manager who can't access her calendar on her phone. Instead she has to VPN in and use OWA. Imagine being forced to use 17 inch 3:4 displays.

I wouldn't take an IT job where the environment was old and busted. Why would anyone want to be a programmer for us knowing they have to use slow computers, work in a cramped cube, on a slow VM, with no support for their devices and no thought put into how they would like to work?

I don't expect a brand new PC every 2 years. I expect to use modern technology. That means I can get my email via activesync on my cell phone and not carry around a blackberry and my cell phone. That means having an IT department that rather than dictate, meets with it's customers (the employees) and finds out what they need to do their job. Then they figure out who to safely give them those needs within the policy defined by management. That means having management that is reasonable and listens to the needs of it's staff and IT.

So yes, I am going to spend 40+ (Let's be realistic more like 60+) hours a week working. I want that time to be enjoyable. If I don't get a nice workspace, nice computer, nice tools to do my job, etc then I'm going to find a job that gives me those things.

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