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by FictionPimp (#47639947) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

Don't waste the money on 5ghz. Unless you live in an apartment with a crowded 2.4ghz spectrum. Just buy the 2.4 wireless N model.

I have 2 of those (1 per floor of my house) and the ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (in my basement). Everything connected to a cheap switch. Every inch of my house has perfect signal and the product is rock solid. I also have a PicoStation ( ) on my deck to provide great coverage in my back yard.

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I'd love comcast to have the level of service the Indiana DMV provides.

I can do 95% of what I need without going into the office. If I do go in I can schedule a slot and simply walk in, do my business and walk out. I recently bought a new vehicle and was shocked at how fast and pleasant the experience was.

Comcast on the other hand quotes you a 8 hour time frame the installer will arrive, sends a contractor who may or may not be competent enough to even pull cable, and then blames you if anything goes wrong.

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Recently, in a nearby city an office was injured arresting a criminal. The police response was that the people in that bad area didn't help the officer as he was being beaten, so they started patrolling that area more. The result was jaywalking tickets to people crossing the street from their house to their mailbox, and kids getting tickets for riding their bikes without a headlamp (in the daytime). Basically any tiny infraction to punish the populace.

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Having interviewed for both Google and Facebook I think this really does come down to skills (knowledge and ability). Being a white male didn't do shit for the fact that I simply just didn't understand linux file systems, networking and software development as well as I thought I did. In fact I didn't get a single question as to my age, race, or sexual preference during those first phone calls where I was ripped to shreds with technical questions. It was quite apparent after 5 minutes of the 2nd interview that I wasn't going to get the job, and I had a LOT to work on in my chosen field.

These are not racially bias questions where you need to be white, unless netmask questions and being asked to write a program are racially bias.

Then again, it is google, they probably know more about me then I know about myself. The interview was probably just to gather metadata to advertise to me better.

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What is the percentage of black, women, etc people with the skills and training that google, facebook, etc is looking for?

Are there out of work fully qualified programmers that can't work at facebook because they are black? Maybe the ratio is the way it is simply because there are not enough minorities looking for high end development work (Unlike baseball). That doesn't make it Facebook's fault if it is truly hiring the most qualified workers.

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You can get them to give you a price? Last car I bought I had trouble with that. I see a car I like, ask the cost. I'm told, "That's not how we work here. Let's talk about what monthly payment you would like."

No thank you, I don't care about my monthly payment. I can do math myself. I want to know how much I'm going to pay for a car. Then I can negotiate on price. Once that is done I'll worry about finding the best deal on a loan.

I told one dealer the price was too high. His response was to offer a 5 year loan to lower my payments....

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