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Comment: Re:happy users! (Score 1) 228

by Tumbleweed (#47502827) Attached to: Verizon Boosts FiOS Uploads To Match Downloads

Both Verizon FIOS users were reportedly very happy (other than their experience using Netflix).

Really? I live outside the city (as in no water or gas infrastructure) and I still have FiOS, here in Northern Virginia.

Yeah, they apparently weren't able to roll out FIOS to anything other than outlying suburbs across most of the U.S. Not very many people are able to get FIOS, and they stopped expanding their service area a few years ago, and even sold off parts of their fiber network to other companies in certain markets. If you aren't in a FIOS service area now, you probably never will be.

Comment: Patent "reform" (Score 2) 139

by tambo (#47223493) Attached to: Why United States Patent Reform Has Stalled

I posted an article describing the "why" a month ago. Totally not surprised that the current reform efforts exhibited the same arc.

That general model is exactly why this initiative collapsed as well. Several aspects of this reform - such as "attributable owner" rules, i.e., implementing laws that require patent applications to reveal the real party of interest in the case, as a measure addressing shell companies - were supported by large interests that benefited from them, and opposed by large interests that didn't. The result is stalemate, just as we've seen countless previous times in the patent "reform" discussion.

The only measures that make it through the "reform" system are mild improvements that don't affect some entities differently than others. And even those can be difficult - e.g., the first-to-file change in the America Invents Act is great for well-funded enterprises, but more problematic for small businesses. In that case, large enterprises simply steamrollered the opposition with lobbying cash.

The upshot is that the "reform" sytem is, itself, deeply dysfunctional. An additional tragedy is that efforts that would objectively improve the patent system for everyone, such as giving examiners more time to perform their examination and implementing more accountability for technically incorrect arguments, get lost in the struggle.

Comment: Re:My wife has a gen 1 Surface Pro ... (Score 2) 136

by SpryGuy (#47085885) Attached to: TechCrunch and Others On the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

How did the metro interface get in the way? With Windows 8.1.1, desktop stays in desktop. Did your wife only ever use 8.0? (if so that would explain a lot).

I find Win8.1.1 to be quite functional, usable, stable, and productive. I freely admit that 8.0 was kind of annoying unless you wanted to spend a fair amount of time tweaking and climbing a learning curve. But Win8.1.1 (without any Start8 crutches required) works pretty well.

Comment: Re:Quick conclusion (Score 1) 136

by SpryGuy (#47085865) Attached to: TechCrunch and Others On the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

OSX has no touch screen, no touch capabilities at all, and no direct pen-on-screen support either. For artists that want to sketch on the go, or for students who want to take notes in classes like math where hand-writing is far superior to keyboard, the Mac Air just isn't nearly as good as the SP3. SP3 is lighter and thinner with extra capabilities, and costs about the same. The main drawbacks are the "lapability" (ugh) and keyboard quality... Air definitely wins there. I'd say a writer/blogger would be better off with an Air. But there are definitely niches where the SP3 is just a no-brainer... a great device.

Comment: Re:Too bad Samsung's XP941 is 2/3 the price (Score 1) 113

Seriously the XP941 is a native PCIe controller, not multiple SATA controllers raided together with a PCIe bridge controller. As a result, it is almost 1/2 the price, and still has similar performance (it is only a PCIe 1x device that does 1.2GBs reads/writes, vs the PCIe 4x device that only does 1.8GBs).

Pretty sure that it's a PCIe 2.0 x4 device. :)

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