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Comment Re: Instant Run sounds nice (Score 1) 40

Productivity doesn't always mean how much faster you get something done, sometimes productivity is whether or not you actually do something.

I learned this lesson almost 20 years ago. And there are some people who view Man Hours as a sunk cost (no value). They don't see the value in upgrading / speeding up a process. They don't see it, because to them whatever it is costing to get the improvement isn't worth it, even if it would be worth in in spades. They just don't see man hours as anything other than static cost.

But sometimes, the efficiency is such that it makes the difference

Comment Re:Regulation please (Score 1) 161

I dont want a regulatory agency policing based on public opinion

Oxymoronic desire you have there.

Regulatory Agency is funding in by politicians who get elected on the basis of public opinion. The fact that you THINK they are removed from each other (public/agency) is cute.

I am a Libertarian, and oppose most regulations because of this very reason. It isn't that all regulation is bad, it is that some of the resulting regulations are REALLY bad (awful). It will point out that Cannabis is so regulated that any potential good that it also might provide is negated by the fear of the stoners.

Or my favorite, Walnuts are drugs if you make the scientific claims that are provable about walnuts. (The FDA rule was about the claims, not the science behind them)

Comment Re: resemblance (Score 1) 161

More importantly, you can actually have scientific evidence to back up claims, but not be able to make the claims because the claims themselves are reserved for "Drugs". Walnuts are drugs, but only if you claim the scientific proof of what they do. Can't have that now can we?

It isn't that walnuts are drugs. It isn't that the effects of walnuts isn't provable. It is that to claim what studies have shown, makes walnuts into "drugs" per FDA, and thus the walnut packagers cannot mention the scientific evidence regarding the "heart healthy" benefits.

Yes, I know the FDA won, but that doesn't negate the reality of the story, walnuts are natural and actually reduces risk for certain heart conditions. But to make those claims, requires walnuts to be classified as a "drug" and subject to FDA approval. This is simply insane.

You cannot have a science without measurement. -- R. W. Hamming