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Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 368

Important != hardtoreplace

Its worth respecting those guys though. Or one day the cities will have grown so much that literally everyone will be full-time engaged in bringing food and water into the city and removing waste from the city. At that point 'Crazy Eddie' will stand up on top of a garbage truck and get all the garbage collectors to go on strike for better pay and conditions.

(thats from Mote in Gods eye btw)

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 4, Interesting) 175

> Compared to phones pcs suck!! 100 dpi in 2015 wtf . Bulky plastic, mechanical disks, etc

PCs are faster and bigger in all respects. That includes displays, storage, CPU power, and just app/gaming potential. Phones are terribly limited. The one key advantage they have is portability. They're ubiquitous. Beyond that, they're actually pretty crappy.

Phones are just (crude) terminals really and sooner or later you need a real machine of some sort to support it.

Comment Re:That's one way to do it (Score 1) 175

The primary differences between tablets and PCs are the fact that the PC is an open platform and PCs use different inputs. Most PCs are also vastly more powerful than their tablet counterparts but most people don't care about that.

A tablet simply isn't suitable for all tasks. At some point you want a proper graphics terminal. At that point, it doesn't cost much more these days to just include the PC parts.

Tablets provide some relief for those that thought they were trapped with Windows but the form factor is still going to be a problem in a lot of situations.

Comment Re:Why you need profits to motivate innovation (Score 1) 175


Dell doesn't do any R&D because they put together someone else's parts. So does Apple oddly enough. They use the same collection of spare parts as Dell does. Some models of Mac are so much like their PC counterparts that you use the same installation and debugging instructions if your running the same OS on both.

Apple has great marketing and has done a good job at convincing people that their version of part X is somehow magically better than Dell's.

They also fixate on these marginal form factors to the exclusion of all else.

They also have a captive market of MacOS users. If you despise the black trashcan, what are you really going to do? Flush tons of money spent on Mac software? Probably not.

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 125

I had a 4 processor ARM workstastion with NT. it was the most unstable piece of shit ever made. Windows NT for ARM was so half assed it barely ran, but it had an advantage, it was mostly hacker proof and served as a gateway to our SCADA system back then. Virus proof, hacker proof for the most part as the only break in we had they kept trying to run X86 executables on it. after that we used a single direction ethernet cable to make it completely hacker proof. Yes, 100% hacker proof. the best hackers on the planet can not defeat the security of a unidirectional ethernet cable. (RX wires snipped, TX only and all data sent to the office systems was UDB broadcast.)

Comment Re:No. It won't be (Score 1) 125

And nobody will buy them. There is a buttload of cheap china windows 8 surface tablet clone out there that are cheap, and they run linux very well and easily. so nobody in their right mind would buy a arm based android tablet. you want to stick with something that is far morepower and power sippy like what all the current android tablets use.

Comment Re:First systemd, now LSB (Score 1) 168

You mean like "sudo pkg install linuxcompat"?

Yeah, wow. That was significant effort!

NOTE: I don't bother with Linux compatibility, so I don't know if that is its package name or not. But the point still stands.

Except, in Debian 8, if the commands you run via sudo call anything in /sbin or /usr/sbin (unless they specify the explicit path) they will fail. Apparently this is for security; apparently it would be dangerous if the root shell you get from sudo had a $PATH that included /sbin or /usr/sbin.

You have to edit sudoers and add the line:
Defaults secure_path="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"

Debian is getting really annoying.

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