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Comment Signing cameras (Score 1) 41

I don't know about identifying things after the fact, but an idea I've tossed around for a few years now is a forensic digital camera. Basically, the hardware will sign/watermark all the photos it takes with some sort of digital signature unique to the camera. The private key would be buried in silicon in such a way as to destroy it if attempts are made to discover it. I'm not a security/encryption expert by any means, so I don't know how feasible this is (or does it already exist?) but sounds plausible to me.

Comment Re:My worry is the credibility loss of visual reco (Score 1) 61

One of the ideas I've had for a long time is to make digital cameras that cryptographically sign every photo. Maybe such things already exist. I'm not expert enough on those matters to tell whether there are pitfalls in this idea. The key would have to be buried in the silicon somehow such that attempts to get at it would destroy it.

Comment Quadra with Dell power supply (Score 1) 258

I once fished a Quadra 630 out of a dumpster. It wouldn't power up. I fished out a Dell P3 low profile desktop out of the same dumpster. Its power supply fit the space of the old power supply pretty well. I was able to re-wire the ATX power connector to match the Quadra motherboard pinout. The tricky part is that the ATX power on signal is inverted sense from the Quadra. I found a hex CMOS inverter in a disused component shelf (no one used throughhole components any more) at work and soldered it in to use the stand-by power and invert the signal. The Quadra still works.

Comment You can upgrade your 2014 MBP (Score 4, Interesting) 204

According to this: OWC put a 4x PCIE SSD from a mac pro into a 2014 MBP and got the extra performance gain. i.e. the 2014 MBP has 4x PCIE wired to the connector, but by default ships with a 2x PCIE SSD. They expect to ship SSD upgrades for MBP "soon", so you're not out of luck if you have the previous model.

Comment Re:Units! (Score 1) 176

In Japan, they use the number of inches, but stick a placeholder word "gata" ("shape" or "format") rather than "inch" to the end. I read that this is because inch is not a legal unit of measure (Japan is metric) so they're not allowed to use it in advertising. So 42" TV is 42-gata TV. I don't think I've seen the cm measurement other than in the "detailed specs" of a product.
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Comment Re:SED? - LEEPROM (Score 1) 239

One of my classmates in microprocessor lab back in college managed to make a LEEPROM. For those too young to remember, EPROMS have a window on them into which one shines UV light to erase it before reprogramming. With enough voltage between Vcc and Ground, the same EPROM can be made to emit light. Hence, LEEPROM. It was quite amusing at the time....

Comment Re:I didn't understand (Score 1) 773

Reducing myself to AOL-level, but Me three! I just smile and nod at everyone who says hello until I've been there a few months and the names start sticking. -- At a recent conference, I picked up a bumper sticker: "I didn't spend 4 years in computer school to talk to people" Not that extreme, but I totally get what you're saying.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 670

In the early days of wireless routers they used to sell such beasts. The SMC router (802.11b only) I have sitting in the closet has a serial port to which one can connect a modem. Its configuration screen has options to fall back to the serial port if the broadband uplink dies. I was thinking it was worthless, but perhaps there is still a market for this thing after all.

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