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Comment If you can afford to live well enough to (Score 0) 176

not give a fuck after you only get 9% of your income I have a hard fucking time feeling sorry for you or your tax rate. Even billionaires like Warren Buffett see the intrinsic unfairness of rich fucks getting taxed at half or less of their secretaries (the unspoken part being that perpetuates a system where said secretary gets shit on for life while billionaires try to find something interesting to do with their money/time).

Comment CS:GO items sell for real money (Score 1) 224

There's some motivation for cheating right there. I don't play because CS:GO is fucking terrible compared to the original CS (1.3 was the best version, then they removed jumping but even 1.6 is better than GO) so I'm not sure how that translates but if it were just passively having the client running like TF2 you'd still have cheaters because dying means sitting in the time-out chair.

Comment Re:the other side of the story (Score 1) 204

You're right but since YouTube aka Google can do whatever the fuck they want their site and it's the biggest one on the internet that effectively means stomping on a bunch of people's freedom.

As long as they're serving these bullshit automated DCMA takedowns and providing basically 0 recourse for those effected they're not much better than any other despotism.

Comment My g/f has an S3 which was backed over by a car (Score 1) 220

in the snow, last year, and sat there all day until we came home from work and found it. It has a shitty generic plastic case, granted, but it's still going over a year later and works for what she needs.

I just replaced the battery in my S4 yesterday for ~$7 from ebay. I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade anything that's working and that I don't feel some limitation that irritates me enough to pay the exorbitant amounts they want for a decent phone. Both of ours were Verizon that have been paid for and are off contract now (still Verizon month to month, more than I'd like to pay but few options where I live that are good) but I don't even think they do pay-the-phone-off-over-time shit anymore and I'm not spending $600+ to get a new one.

Internally the phones look like cheap shitty netbooks I'm frankly shocked they've lasted as long as they have (~2.5+ years).

Comment Re:I just checked my STEAM profile (Score 2) 581

Witcher 3 is the best game I've played in recent memory and probably the best RPG I've *ever* played (as a gamer of 30+ years) and it's not on the support list ;/ Waiting for Blood and Wine with my season pass.

I'll stay on Windows 7 as long as I can as a gamer but I will under no circumstances "upgrade" to 10 and I actively steer people away from it. The sad thing is there are really no commercial alternatives that they can just go buy something. No one wants to learn how to install Linux - even something "easy".

Apple is just as bad or worse than Microsoft, Google is the lesser of the major evils but getting progressively worse as time goes by. I think there are probably some family members I could put on Mint or something but the second they try to go like install a little kids game for Windows and it doesn't work they'll raise hell and doing free support sucks, while they periodically fuck up their Windows machines they at least have some (very) modest ability to use it.

I can't say "just get an X that runs Y" because for my g/f's parents or whoever it doesn't exist that supports their existing program and no one likes changes - especially "senior citizens".

Comment Re:'Surveillance and lawful interception' (Score 1) 59

The mass of people tend to believe the US government is spying to protect them so they don't care.

The mass of people don't know and many who do also do not care.

However there is also likely a large portion who do know but don't understand.

Just watch the John Oliver segment with Edward Snowden where they explain this with dick pics. Suddenly people on the street give a fuck.

Comment Try Introspection, Lauren (Score 5, Insightful) 832

Calling Trump a fascist and demanding he not be permitted to speak is such delightful irony that I pray the writer did it on purpose. Or, they are missing the point of liberal, modern civilization so badly that they should go back to school. And, no, I don't approve of Donald Trump. He can go hump an a-bomb for all I care.

Submission + - Al Jazeera America Terminates All TV and Digital Operations (

waspleg writes: Executives of Al Jazeera America (AJAM) held a meeting at 2 p.m. Eastern Time to tell their employees that the company is terminating all news and digital operations in the U.S. as of April 2016, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs.

AJAM has been losing staggering sums of money from the start. That has become increasingly untenable as the network’s owner and funder, the government of Qatar, is now economically struggling due to low oil prices. The decision was made recently to terminate AJAM, which allows the network to terminate all of its cumbersome distribution contracts with cable companies, and re-launch its successful Al Jazeera English inside the U.S.

Comment They will have no problem gunning down YOUR (Score 1) 702

brothers, fathers, children and cousins; while someone else guns down theirs.

All it takes is a Dear Leader, sufficient surveillance control (I bet we have more Total Information Awareness than North Korea does), and making the military a privileged class (oh wait!)... That's 2/3rds of the way there if you're paying attention. While we're very much like Rome in many ways soldier loyalty to their generals is likely not one; loyalty to their paychecks is.

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