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Comment Re:AMD doesn't have NVDIA's resources to throw aro (Score 2) 114 114

I don't think you understood my point. My point is they're better off spending money making their Windows drivers/profiles better because that's where they have the most customers and since they don't have nearly the money, which you can see for yourself, they're better off spending it where they get the biggest return. As you pointed out that likely includes the consoles.

Comment AMD doesn't have NVDIA's resources to throw around (Score 2) 114 114

The STEAM store shows 504 pages of Windows games @ 25 per page = ~12,600 titles. OS X shows 173 pages @ 25 pages = ~4325 titles. Linux + SteamOS shows 99 pages @ 25 pages = 2475 titles but according to which has actual numbers for this category but not the other 2 there are 1,140 titles that work with 499 hinting at support.

This says nothing of sales numbers. Linux has gotten a big boost for gaming from Valve but it's still a distant 3rd and that's only in the PC gaming world and doesn't account for consoles at all.

I doubt AMD has the resources to dedicate to shit like this when they're consistently not the leader of anything. My speculation is that the only reason they still exist so to keep Intel/Nvidia out of monopoly court.

Comment My co-worker (Score 1) 232 232

(I work in public schools) once told a teacher that the network problems in her lab were because bad data was trapped in the cables and he went around and unplugged everything and left.

I honestly still don't know if he was fucking with her or serious and I had to put it back together again and fix the real issue after.

Comment Well. (Score 1) 133 133

At my high school, which has no programming classes, my co-worker does lead the robotic's club which uses a simplified version of C to make the robot do things.

We also included Alice on all of our netbooks. It does seem like Scratch is probably more popular these days.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these and I've only used one of them for like 5 minutes so YMMV. I'm not a programmer at all and the only languages I've spent any time with at all are C and Python and I would barely consider myself an amateur at Python and a nothing at C.

Comment Free speech has no meaning (Score 5, Insightful) 581 581

until you defend someone else's right to say something you disagree with. As for the pictures, if they're real, then that's already illegal and I have no doubt a dozen TLAs are already watching.

Having an outlet in text for these kinds of things is far better than having none and then having these people act it out for real in their areas. It can also give people a head's up since some of these people post their manifesto before they act out.

Life is full of unpleasant things. Making it illegal to talk about them does not make them go away; it just allows them to grow in the dark.

Comment Where are the uBlock people? (Score 4, Informative) 327 327

I remember a related story a few months ago and I was using Adblock Edge (forked non-sell out version of ABP) and advocating it. People kept spamming my thread saying that uBlock was better. So I tried it out and am now a convert. It is in fact lighter weight and nearly transparent, but since they don't pay for placement you have to search for it 2x in the add-ons to find it.

I primarily use Firefox, with uBlock (you can enable even stricter subsets of rules if you want, I did without issue), HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger (the last 2 are from the EFF). I only see ads at work on other people's machines. There are other good add-ons for other stuff but this + wipe everything on browser close and private windows are nice.

The only memory leaks seem to come from anything Flash based. So I'm forced to kill/restart FF every few days or it gets progressively slower and slower. I've noticed it's not really an issue without something running Flash.

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