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Comment: Re:I wonder how the Gen Con people would feel (Score 1) 853

by waspleg (#49343559) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

"But if you cross a line beyond which most people would say it's objectionable content"

No. I don't. I think that Germans will put you in jail for giving a Nazi salute is fucking offensive to freedom of speech and expression but they aren't Americans.

If you're offended that's your fucking problem not mine. What's interesting to me is how everyone is trying to twist the law in to their own personal beliefs, religious or otherwise, and so if you're cognizant of that fact you should be erring hard on the side of liberty for all (unless you don't mind being an unethical hypocritical douchebag, I guess).

Comment: I'm also an Indianapolis resident (Score 1) 853

by waspleg (#49343415) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

I agree. While the rest of the US thinks of us as hillbillies in a fly over state most here don't have banjos or corn fields. This won't get far because a lot of the big businesses in the city support rights movements.

The thing is there are still a lot of religious elderly voters and this is a traditionally red state - he's trying to appeal to what he thinks is his base for his no-chance-in-hell presidential run.

Here he is in 2010 joining with Michelle Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus.

That's probably all you need to know.

Comment: Re:I'm a Member of That 1% (Score 3, Interesting) 192

by waspleg (#49234003) Attached to: Steam On Linux Now Has Over a Thousand Games Available

it's not just likely, they already have a bunch of companies releasing stuff in November.

There is also a Steam community group where they post announcements, with a DIY section. It's also meant as a console/htpc replacement not as a desktop replacement.

If and when it's stable/good enough I might eventually actually be able to run Linux as my primary desktop with some SteamOS packages on the side (Windows 7 Ultimate at home, because I'm a gamer). I'm glad they chose Debian instead of Ubuntu in the end because that's not what they said they were going to do early on.

However the assholes spamming every game thread with "When will there be a Linux version" then often being very snarky, rude and arrogant about it aren't helping the cause much.

Comment: No. (Score 4, Interesting) 765

by waspleg (#49197573) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday

I just installed Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon (Rebecca release) on the machine I'm typing from this week. While it does have some things I don't like (some weird config location choices, /var/run, /etc/bash.bashrc, bash_completiond,WTF is up with dnsmasq?, some weird sound behavior, semi-broken bash tab completion, won't mount my cellphone no matter what, etc - aka issues I've never had with CentOS).

I also still have 2 several years old but up to date CentOS boxes I use every day and prefer them but I picked Mint because it's supposed to be better for day to day regular desktop use, has far more up to date packages, and I was tired of fighting dependency hell with extra packages from 2008 (my own fault, admittedly) for things like VLC.

My understanding, and I can't find where I read it before I went and downloaded/installed it, is that Mint is in wait-and-see mode and will be waiting until their next LTS release in a few years and then re-evaluating whether to switch to systemd. Looking at the system I have installed right now, it looks like there are a few pieces installed for compatibility (although none of them are running) but the init system is still old school init.d and runlevels.

I haven't looked at systemd in depth but my gut feeling is it throws away the UNIX mindset of, do one thing and do it well, output/input everything in text in favor of aping Apple (paritcularly)/Microsoft and the politics behind it seem dirty. I have watched a few Poettering videos and he comes off as a massively arrogant douche bag (but I am a fan of Linus and RMS so *shrug*).


Comment: Heh (Score 1) 89

by waspleg (#49175655) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients

âoeIn practice, I donâ(TM)t think this is a terribly big issue, but only because you have to have many âoeducks in a rowâ: 1) find a vulnerable server that offers export cipher suites; 2) it should reuse a key for a long time; 3) break key; 4) find vulnerable client; 5) attack via MITM (easy to do on a local network or wifi; not so easy otherwise),â said Ivan Ristic of Qualys.

(Unless you're the NSA, then you have more MITM "opportunities" than you have people to exploit them...automation coming soon...)

Comment: There goal is at odds with yours. (Score 1) 109

by waspleg (#49137371) Attached to: Intel To Rebrand Atom Chips Along Lines of Core Processors

They make more money on confusion. Most people don't know WTF they're buying anyway so they can more easily fleece someone in to overpaying for a sub-par processor which will be blamed on the manufacturer's name on the cover not theirs.

People just buy shiny (Apple/Alienware/"Ultrabooks",etc), cheap (Chromebook/Netbook), or at a certain price point without a clue until it doesn't do something they want and then they will blame everything but themselves. I see this shit every day; most consumers are ignorant and think computers are appliances.

Comment: Make videos if you must (Score 2) 698

but make sure you have a (preferably handwritten) transcript for her too. Who knows if your videos (or their formats) will survive while a bank lock box and some hand written notes on carefully selected paper will likely weather time better.

As for the rest, tell her what YOU think is important for her to know. You can't ask us for that - and I somehow doubt that will have much to do with your education nor station in life.

"Freedom is still the most radical idea of all." -- Nathaniel Branden