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Comment: Re:Will this be cheaper? (Score 1) 167 167

Agreed, they can learn from what they went thru at Chernobyl.

No need to reinvent the wheel except in a case where it can be proven as viable.

I think one thing that might make it cheaper for them would be hybrid concrete called

Comment: Re:UnStAbLe (Score 0) 167 167

Printing $65 billion a month is the only reason the US hasn't had a Economic collapse.

The US is technically bankrupt if it was run as a business.

Back in 2010 the FDIC even had a negative balance sheet.

The US in financial terms can't rescue a little girl's lemonade stand except
by printing more funny money.

The only reason it is working now is due to the faith of all the ppl on the treadmill.

Comment: Re:Wait for better robots (Score 2) 167 167

They may not be perfect, but they have posted information the Japanese government
lied about then it later came out to be true.

So at a minimum they are often forcing the corrupt government and corrupt Tepco to
tell the truth sometimes, I think its impossible to get them to tell the truth all the time.

Comment: Re:Take That, Capitalists! (Score 1) 205 205

In the case of Purell, its Triclosan that is an issue.

Maybe they have removed it, maybe not.

On its own its not the worst threat in the environment, but when you add it along with
others the combined threat is pretty bad and would explain the reduction of quality of
health compared to some other nations.

Comment: Re:First time? (Score 2) 205 205

There are other methods like slow sand filter, bio sand filter, and solar disinfection.

Thou with SODIS use glass if you can do to the endocrine disruptors BPA and BPS
being in most plastic bottles.

Comment: Re:What I get from this (Score 1) 62 62

I found out about this guy by watching the film Collapse in 2009, and since then
I see the US in a totally different perspective.

The funny thing was I thought I was awake after seeing "911 press for truth", but
honestly I did not know just how bad it really was til watching Collapse in 2009.

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