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Comment: Re:Ageing can be seen as a treatable disease. (Score 1) 439

by Zeio (#47967067) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Identify what resources are limited and change the culture and work culture to use less of them.

Its hard to argue against longer lives when nearly everyone from age 21-62 drives a car to work to get printed fiat monopoly money to feed themselves in the age where nearly all the work is transitioning to knowledge can be done from home/telecommute/virtual teams.

Dream big, its OK. Maybe if life was possibly longer people would take more time making big decisions and the rat race would slow down. I think there would be less inter-generational low/middle class reset where every generation is in a rat race to build from zero.

I think Star Trek type futures are possible for Earth, and we dont need to install lifeclocks to get there. We should also just consider valuing life and not simply pleasurable existence.

Comment: Ageing can be seen as a treatable disease. (Score 2) 439

by Zeio (#47966933) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

I don't think there are many dreams of futures without some form of life extension.

Some wax poetic and philosophic about how life extension is like the One Ring stretching out Bilbo and Gollum, but with a properly enlightened society with strong family ties multiple generations co-habiting could provide an awesome view of the past, living history, to help teach the next generation.

I see ageing as a currently inescapable fact of life. I also know there are 400 year old clams. I think we should attempt to treat ageing as a disease, who that each life is valuable and worth saving and cherish the time the elders spend with the young to bring a different (but sometimes wrong and thought provoking) perspective.

There was an episode of TNG (Half a Life) where people who got to a certain age killed themselves. I was strongly in favor of letting the scientist live, but the show used the family and social norms and mores to make this a hard show to call black and white on.

So let's think to do the opposite of Logan's Run. Lets dream big and not run to the grave like its a cradle.

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by Zeio (#47948905) Attached to: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down

No, not at all. If you know who Mark Hurd and Safra Catz are, you will be wishing for kind, nice old Larry back.

I was in a meeting with Safra a while back. I was a fly on the wall. Then a discussion came up about engineering details. Not too relevant to business besides timelines.

She interrupted the line of thinking and said the "Little people will take care of this."

She is amazing to hear speak, she has her business acumen, some technical chops, and she has her stuff together. She is one lean, mean chainsaw. Larry is seriously tame compared to her.

And Hurd, well, he is known for slash and burn techniques that do well for shareholders (in consort with a favorable market) but usually reduce headcount in sometimes painful ways. HP has many coffins with Hurd's name on it.

Larry is going to sit in a lawn chair enjoying retirement and watch Hurd and Catz vie for total power, control and domination. I put my money on Safra. He gets to watch a cage match to see who wins the title of Larry, Turbo Version 2.0++

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