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Comment Re:Got one of those cards (Score 1) 449

the card you just received most likely still supports PIN, just it's not preferred using PIN as the primary method for authorization (i.e. signature preferring). In most of the situation you will not notice any difference (especially in US).

you can still use the magnetic stripe as it's a requirement for credit card, however magnetic stripe is now a *backup* method for using your credit card. Again in US you won't notice any difference as most of the terminals only support magnetic stripe, however overseas in most other countries that already migrated to EMV, during a card transaction if you swipe the magnetic stripe the terminal will prompt operator to use the chip instead. Only when terminal has problem reading the chip then it'll allow physical magnetic stripe transaction for those chip enabled cards.

If it's a chip transaction, it's really close to impossible to clone the card assuming following good implementations, unlike magnetic stripe which can be easily duped

Comment Re:What about flat cards? (Score 1) 142

EMV chip cards does way more then just VERIFY the PIN. It can perform card authentication (card can not be counterfeit/hacked), risk management, and cardholder verification.

If I have to guess, those Chip & Sign cards issed in US are usually signature preferring (at least some PIN methods are still availible on the card, but the setting in the card will always prefer signature unless it's not possible) and not signature only cards.

Comment Re:Great for CC scammers (Score 1) 222

*barely more secure*? EMV cards can't be copied, modified, or counterfeited if the Card Authentication Method (SDA/DDA/CDA) are implemented propertly. The Application Cryptogram generated by the card and host also means the transaction itself is secure (assume proper card and host implmentation).

Magnetic stripes has no protection at all. US is probably the last major country that hasn't go full chip technology.

Comment Re:Chip-and-pin is not secure (Score 1) 236

EMV card is not as simple as that.. you have layers of security, such as Offline Card Authentication (Offline CAM), Cardholder Verification (PIN, Signautere..) and online CAM (where that MAC happens), unless you have means to obtain the private/secret keys required for transaction, it's going to be extremely hard to calculate

Comment Re:Almost useless (Score 1) 236

It's funny to think that even Africa or Latin Amercan issuers issue more EMV cards then US, but sadly that's true. What's worse is people's groundless fear about using contactless technology for payments. Seriously, the biggest security problem in the credit card itself is the magnetic stripe itself.

Comment no faster clock Opteron 4300 (Score 1) 128

I was hoping AMD could release a faster workstation level Opteron 4300 to match the FX-8350, the top end 4386 is still a 3.1Ghz (turbo to 3.8Ghz) but
the fastest 8 core Opteron 6328 is 3.2Ghz and goes to 3.8Ghz turbo. (but Opteron 4386's TDP is 95w vs Opteron 6328's 115w) while FX-8350 is 4Ghz turbo to 4.2Ghz and consuming 125w

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